WIN Job Centers

WIN Job Center/WIOA Services

Northwest Mississippi Community College operates full-time WIN Job Centers in DeSoto, Lafayette, and Tate counties.

Services to Individuals

  • Job search assistance and career advice and planning
  • Career Resources such as books, area newspapers, job listings and a variety of labor market information
  • Computers with internet access, telephones, fax machines and copiers for conducting a job search.
  • Information on interviewing
  • Information on training and education
  • Information on assistance for laid-off workers
  • Unemployment insurance and benefits
  • Information on NAFTA/TAA benefits for employees
  • Services for veterans
  • Information on rehabilitation services
  • Information on referral to child care, transportation and other supportive services
  • Clerical skill testing on a wide variety of subjects
  • Career assessments
  • Resume and cover letter development
  • Education and Training assistance
  • Internships
  • Apprenticeships

Services to Businesses:

  • Basic labor exchange services
  • Database of qualified workers
  • Internet access to post job listings and review resumes
  • Recruiting and screening of job candidates
  • Work readiness assessments
  • On the Job Training (OJT)
  • Apprenticeship and Internship programs
  • Private rooms for interviews
  • Labor market and wage information
  • Information on Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)
  • Information for Rapid Response services
  • Guidance for filing a North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) or Trade Adjustment (TAA) petition
  • Information on NAFTA and TAA benefits for employees


The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) replaces the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA) by amending the law to strengthen the United States workforce development system through innovation in, and alignment and improvement of, employment, training, and education programs in the United States, and to promote individual and national economic growth, and for other purposes. The law provides the framework for a national workforce preparation and employment system designed to meet both the needs of the nation’s businesses and the needs of job seekers and those who want to further their careers. WIOA reforms current federal laws governing programs of job training, adult education and literacy, vocational rehabilitation, and youth, making services more universally accessible and more flexible components of workforce development systems.

Northwest Mississippi Community College serves as the One-Stop Career Center Operator and Provider of Career and Training Services. The One-Stop system offers access to services that encompasses assessments/skills needs, job search, job placement, labor market information, individual employment planning, educational and career counseling, occupational skills training, skill upgrading, internships and work experience, job readiness, adult education, and literacy and High School Equivalency (HSE) programs for adults and out-of-school youth free of charge.

For more information on any of the following programs and/or services contact Jennifer Casey, WIOA Director, via phone (662-562-3351) or email ( or the contact person listed for each program.

On-The-Job Training (OJT)
OJT partners employers and job seekers in providing training for eligible companies and individuals. Companies of all sizes can benefit from this training. OJT reimburses the employer for up to 50% of the wage rate of the new employee to cover the extraordinary costs of providing training and supervision. The maximum time that an employer can be reimbursed for a new OJT employee is based on the skill level of the job and the content of the training. All employers qualify who:

  • Offer a full-time position
  • Have an IRS identification number
  • Have a worker’s compensation or equivalent insurance in effect during the duration of the OJT contract
  • Maintain an adequate system of bookkeeping to track time, attendance and invoicing for reimbursement
  • Meet other guidelines specified in the Local Workforce Development Board’s OJT Policy

To participate employers must provide:

  • The number of new employees
  • Job titles, descriptions and skill levels
  • Minimum qualifications for each job title
  • Entry-level wage rate for each job title
  • The hiring decision and selection of the trainee
  • A monthly invoice for reimbursement of the training cost
  • Training for the new employee according to the company’s specification

OJT Contacts

Serving: Benton, DeSoto, Lafayette, Marshall, Panola, Quitman, Tallahatchie, Tate, Tunica, and Yalobusha counties.

Chris Maples, WIOA Career and Training Services Coordinator, WIN Job Center, Oxford Center (Lafayette-Yalobusha Technical Center)
1310 Belk Dr.
Oxford, MS 38655
Phone: 662-281-8790 Fax: 662-236-7202 E-mail:

Individual Training Accounts (ITAs)
ITAs provide qualified individuals with funds to pay for tuition, books and other associated costs to attend approved training courses that will assist them in finding employment or enable them to upgrade current employment. For additional information regarding WIOA training services contact:

Serving: Benton, Calhoun, DeSoto, Lafayette, Marshall, Tate, and Yalobusha counties

Cathy Moore, Assistant WIOA Director/Counselor, WIN Job Center, 4975 Hwy. 51 North, P.O. Box 7045, Senatobia, MS 38668
Phone: 662-562-3356 Fax: 662-562-3353 E-mail:

Serving: Panola, Quitman, Tallahatchie, and Tunica counties

Katie Mabry, WIN Job Center Office Manager/WIOA Career Navigator, Batesville WIN Job Center, 103-16 Woodland Road, Batesville, MS 38606. Phone: 662-563-7318 Email:

Gateway Out-of-School Youth Program
Gateway is designed to develop strong work ethics needed for today’s youth to be successful in the job market. To be eligible for the program, participants must be 24 years of age or under, out-of-school, meet Federal income guidelines and reside in Calhoun, DeSoto, Lafayette, Marshall or Tate counties. Participants will receive essential job skills training designed to enhance a positive attitude toward work, creating a professional image, developing interpersonal communication, cognitive, and organizational skills. Participants will be given personalized attention in career counseling, educational achievement services, and assistance with post-secondary education, employment, work experience and follow-up services. Participants who successfully complete the program may qualify for up to 120 hours of paid work experience with a local business. Internships will potentially lead to permanent full- or part-time employment.

For more information please contact:
Marshall County:  Chelsey Gilliam, WIOA Career Navigator, WIN Job Center, 227 Highway 309 South, Byhalia, MS 38611. Phone: 662-838-3805.

Calhoun County: Margaret Mays, WIOA Career Navigator, NWCC Bruce Adult Education Center 104 N. Newberger Ave., Bruce, MS 38915. Phone: 662-983-2038 or 662-414-6063

DeSoto and Tate Counties: Juliana Lamar, WIOA Career Navigator, WIN Job Center, 4975 Highway 51 North, Senatobia, MS 38668, Phone: 662-560-5336

Lafayette County: David Kellum, WIOA Career Navigator, WIN Job Center, Oxford Center (Lafayette-Yalobusha Technical Center),1310 Belk Dr., Oxford, MS 38655, Phone: 662-281-7955

Directory/Quick Reference of WIOA Staff: (All area codes are 662)

  • Casey, Jennifer– WIOA Director/Senatobia 562-3351
  • Dickerson, Katlyn-WIN Job Center Customer Services Advisor/Batesville 563-7318
  • Gilliam, Chelsey-WIOA Career Navigator/Byhalia 838-3805
  • Kellum, David-WIOA Rapid Response/Career Navigator/Oxford 281-7955
  • Lamar, Juliana– WIOA Career Navigator/Senatobia 560-5336
  • Mabry, Katie– WIN Job Center Office Manager/WIOA Career Navigator/Batesville 563-7318
  • Maples, Chris-WIOA Career and Training Coordinator/OJT 281-8790
  • Mays, Margaret– WIOA Gateway Youth Career Navigator/Calhoun County 983-2038
  • McGehee, Mary Beth– WIOA Fiscal Accounts Manager/Senatobia 560-5281
  • Moore, Cathy– Assistant WIOA Director/Counselor/Senatobia 562-3356
  • Morris, Clifton-WIOA Career Navigator/Byhalia 838-3805
  • Reed, Ivivian-WIOA Career Navigator/Southaven 662-280-6218
  • Washington, Rachelle-WIOA Community Outreach Coordinator/Senatobia 662-562-3351

WIN Job Center Locations:

  • Batesville WIN Job Center
  • 103-16 Woodland Road
  • Batesville, MS 38606
  • 662-563-7318


  • DeSoto County WIN Job Center
  • NWCC  Desoto Campus, Room # 300-L
  • 5197 W. E. Ross Parkway,
  • Southaven, MS. 38671.
  • 662-280-6218


  • Lafayette County WIN Job Center
  • NWCC Lafayette-Yalobusha Technical Center
  • 1310 Belk Dr.
  • Oxford, MS 38655
  • 662-236-7201


  • Marshall County WIN Job Center
  • 227 Hwy 309 South
  • Byhalia, Mississippi 38611
  • 662-838-3805


  • Tate County WIN Job Center (located on the Senatobia Campus)
  • 4975 Hwy 51 North
  • Senatobia, Mississippi 38668
  • 662-562-3351