Nursing Department

Associate Degree Nursing provides quality nursing education to prepare students as entry level registered nurses to meet the nursing needs of the community. The department of Nursing meets the educational, employment, career, cultural, and special needs of its students and the community through the offering of:

  • Partnerships with community and healthcare facilities and universities
  • Highly technical simulation and skills laboratories
  • Student support through nursing Student Navigator assistance, student advising, remediation and HURST review
  • Professional career preparation through nursing transition class and Student Nurses Association membership
  • Support and recognition of achievement in Alpha Delta Nu nursing honor society and nursing scholarships
  • Seamless nursing education advancement opportunities through LPN advanced placement option and LPN IV certification practicum 


The mission of the Department of Nursing is to provide quality nursing education to prepare students as entry level nurses to meet the nursing needs of the community. The Department functions within the School of Health Sciences to deliver a traditional campus-based curriculum leading to an Associate Degree in Nursing.


  • Educate nurses to provide safe patient-centered care that demonstrates excellence in current nursing practice through professionalism, knowledge, caring and competence.
  • Comply with standards of regulatory agencies.
  • Provide quality, didactic laboratory, and clinical learning environments that foster success in a diverse student and graduate population.
  • Employ a consistent process of policy administration to foster a service/learning relationship with students.
  • Advocate for resources, including technology, that enhance nursing education.
  • Evaluate through program outcomes and satisfaction surveys and revise to ensure program effectiveness.

Program Highlights:

  • High pass rates on licensure examination
  • Highly qualified and caring faculty
  • Accredited by state, regional, and national bodies