Paralegal Technology

The Legal Studies program at Northwest offers two paths to fit your goals: legal studies or paralegal technology. (will be linked to other LS page). The paralegal technology path is specifically designed to prepare students for entry into the job market immediately upon graduation with an exciting career in a variety of legal fields. The legal studies path is ideal for students who plan to obtain a bachelor’s degree or aspire to one day attend law school. All hours for both options transfer to the University of Mississippi or another four-year university and fit directly into their pre-law and paralegal programs.

What Will I Learn?
Our paralegal technology curriculum will introduce you to the legal system and teach you the skills to support a lawyer with legal research, drafting documents, and preparing for court proceedings. You will receive the benefit of small class sizes and faculty who are attorneys with real-world experience in law practice. You will graduate with an understanding of criminal, civil, contract, property, and family law, as well the structure of the federal and state court systems. With the opportunity to take an internship course in the field of your choice, you will have the practical training you need to immediately begin a career in the paralegal field.

The Paralegal Technology major is available online, at the Lafayette-Yalobusha Technical Center and the Senatobia campus. Courses prepare students for an exciting career as a legal assistant or paralegal to perform specifically delegated substantive legal work, employed or retained by a lawyer, law office, corporation or governmental agency.

A 30-hour certificate program is also now available.

Program Information

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