Graphic Design Technology

The Associate of Applied Science degree in Graphic Design Technology allows students to integrate the multiple disciplines of art, marketing, and technology. It is designed to: Provide a solid foundation in technical skills and techniques combined with design theory in the area of graphic design. Provide a broad understanding of related disciplines including arts, humanities, and technology. Provide extended experience with hands on training in screen printing, vinyl sign making, and laser engraving and cutting.

Why Graphic Design?
The Graphic Design track educates students in the art and science of visual communication, stressing the professional aspects of design. Students combine technology with aesthetics in the production of typographic and publication design, identity systems, packaging, posters, web graphics, signage and online media advertising. The Graphic Designer combines concepts and facts from the humanities, social sciences and technology while utilizing critical design methodologies in visual problem solving. Upon successful completion of this 64-hour program, an Associate of Applied Science degree is awarded. No major may advance to a higher course in his or her area of studio emphasis (Graphic Design) without earning a grade of “C” or higher in the lower division course. Periodic portfolio reviews determine placement and progression in the program.

The Graphic Design program does recommend, but it is not required, to have a laptop capable of running Adobe Creative Cloud software. Mac computers are available for use by the student during lab hours. The computer can be PC or Mac platform. Additional cost are nominal to include; sketchbook, xacto knife, ruler an small consumables.

Program Information