Welding and Cutting

The Welding and Cutting program, located on the Senatobia campus, is designed to provide you with the latest in practical, hands-on coursework driven by current industry standards. Students are often able to work on “live” jobs, projects for the institution and community. Our faculty member is instructor-certified by the American Welding Society.

Getting ahead in welding is all about being open to opportunities. Taking courses and working hard are important aspects. Being respectful and learning on the job from welders who have been doing it for a living. There is almost no limit to what welding can do, especially since developments in the technology continually improve its accuracy, quality and versatility.

Today’s advanced technology has influenced changes in the industry. In addition to possessing good manual dexterity, welders must also have a solid understanding of math, science and electronics in order to be effective in their jobs. Our training program can provide you with that and more.

What is welding and cutting all about?
Welding is the most common way of permanently joining metal parts, and is used to construct and repair parts of ships, automobiles, spacecraft, and thousands of other manufactured products. Welders apply heat to the pieces of metal being joined, and fuse them to form a permanent bond.

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