Commercial Truck Driving Certificate

The Commercial Truck Driving program, located on the Olive Branch campus, prepares students for occupations in the trucking industry. It is an 8-week course which meets five days per week. In presenting the material, the instructor uses both the lecture and demonstration method of teaching with active participation and practice by the students. Upon successful completion of the 240 hours, the student is awarded a certificate and nine semester hours credit.

Thinking about entering the trucking industry? Northwest Mississippi Community College can get you on the road to success with its CDL training course, designed to help you prepare to pass licensing exams for the tri-state area.  Enrollment is limited. Call (662) 280-6124 for more information.The Commercial Truck Driving curriculum consists of four general categories:
1. Classroom – Department of Transportation regulations, demonstrations, freight handling, defensive driving, accidents, insurance, customer relations, maintenance of equipment, etc.
2. Field Work – Basic driving skills, handling of equipment, yard tests, various transmission, etc.
3. Road Driving – Actual day and night highway driving.
4. City Driving – Actual driving in city traffic.


Program Information