Animal Science

Northwest Mississippi Community College is proud to offer Animal Science at our Senatobia campus. The program is designed for students desiring to enter the broad range of jobs related to the management of agricultural enterprises and the marketing and sales of agricultural supplies and products. 

  • Offered at the Senatobia campus only 

  • Students who successfully complete 30 semester credit hours earn a career certificate.

  • Students who successfully complete 45 semester credit hours earn a technical certificate. 

  • Students who successfully complete 60 semester credit hours earn an Associate of Applied Science degree in Animal Science.

Animal Science is a broad and complex area of agriculture. The curriculum is designed to give the students instruction and practical experience in the science and business of animal agriculture.

Training requirements for agricultural scientists depend on the type of work they perform. Most jobs in the farming and food processing industry require a bachelor’s degree, but a master’s or doctoral degree is usually required for research positions at universities. A Ph.D. in agricultural science is also needed for college teaching and for advancement to senior research positions. Degrees in related sciences such as biology, chemistry, or physics or in related engineering specialties also may qualify people for many agricultural science jobs.

Degrees in animal sciences may include courses on animal breeding, reproductive physiology, nutrition, and meat and muscle biology.

Pathway Information