General College

The General College Curriculum offered through the Division of Social Science is designed to serve two primary purposes:

  1. An entering student may elect to follow this program for one or two semesters before deciding on a specific field of study. When a specific field of study is decided upon, the transition into the new program should be no problem.
  2. Students who wish to change Pathways after one or two semesters in another of the programs at Northwest can use this General College Curriculum as an alternative in order to have at least an opportunity to meet degree requirements and graduate from Northwest.

This program requires careful planning by the student through an academic adviser because of the flexibility of course work involved.

This program provides an opportunity for a more cross-sectional approach to a two-year program than some of the other curricula at Northwest. This program is designed to supplement other programs at Northwest and does not conflict with other programs. This program is similar to the Liberal Arts curriculum, but specific differences exist and academic advisers can explain this further. Students who meet graduate requirements through this program will be awarded an Associate of Arts degree.

Pathway Information