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Social Sciences Department

The Division of Social Science provides courses to help students understand institutions, cultures, and behaviors. Such courses acquaint students with fundamental concepts, theories, and methods of analysis used in the social and behavioral sciences.They enable students to think critically about human behavior and society. This division includes pathways leading to baccalaureate degrees for students interested in the fields of law, criminal justice and other “helping professions.” The curriculum is designed for students planning to transfer to a senior institution.

  • Criminal Justice
  • General College
  • Psychology
  • Social Work


Criminal Justice (CRJ)
CRJ 1313 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJ 1323 Police Administration and Organization
CRJ 1353 Practicum in Criminal Justice
CRJ 1363 Introduction to Corrections
CRJ 1373 Introduction to Homeland Security
CRJ 1383 Criminology
CRJ 2313 Police Operations
CRJ 2323 Criminal Law
CRJ 2333 Criminal Investigation
CRJ 2513 Juvenile Justice
CRJ 2713 Foundations of Terrorism

Education (EPY)
EPY 2533 Human Growth and Development

Geography (GEO)
GEO 1113 World Regional Geography
GEO 1123 Principles of Geography

History (HIS)
HIS 1113 Western Civilization I
HIS 1123 Western Civilization II
HIS 1163 Civilizations I
HIS 1173 Civilizations II
HIS 2213 American (U.S.) History I
HIS 2223 American (U.S.) History II

Philosophy (PHI)
PHI 1113 Old Testament Survey
PHI 1133 New Testament Survey
PHI 2113 Introduction to Philosophy
PHI 2143 Ethics
PHI 2613 World Religions
PHI 2713 Logic

Political Science (PSC)
PSC 1113 American National Government

Psychology (PSY)
PSY 1513 General Psychology
PSY 2113 Laboratory in Psychology
PSY 2323 Stats for Behavioral Analysis
PSY 2513 Child Psychology
PSY 2523 Adolescent Psychology
PSY 2533 Psychology of Personal Adjustment
PSY 2543 Applied Behavioral Analysis

Social Work (SWK)
SWK 1113 Social Work: A Helping Profession

Sociology (SOC)
SOC 2113 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 2133 Social Problems
SOC 2143 Marriage and Family
SOC 2223 Perspectives on Child Abuse and Maltreatment