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Natural Sciences Department

The Department of Natural Sciences at Northwest Mississippi Community College offers a vast array of pathways for students planning to transfer to a senior institution in the fields of science and/or medicine. Students enrolled at Northwest will acquire hands-on experience in a laboratory setting alongside their lecture classes to adequately prepare them for continuing their education and beginning their future career. Various clubs and organizations are also available to these students.

Listed below are the pathways offered in the Department of Natural Sciences. After successful completion of the core courses and required number of electives, students will be eligible to receive an Associate of Arts degree from Northwest Mississippi Community College and can transfer to a four-year university.

For degree plans go to myNWCC and click on the  Degree Plans tab.

Note: Every four-year university sets their own requirements for graduation. It is the responsibility of the student to determine which university they would like to attend and what their requirements are.

  • Animal Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Dental*
  • Pre-Dental Hygiene
  • Forestry
  • General Agriculture
  • Medical Lab Sciences
  • Occupational Therapy*
  • Pharmacy*
  • Physics
  • Physical Therapy*
  • Radiological Sciences
  • Veterinary Medicine*

* denotes a pathway that requires a degree beyond a baccalaureate degree.


Agriculture (AGR)
AGR 1210 Animal Science Laboratory
AGR 1214 Animal Science
AGR 1310 Plant Science Laboratory
AGR 1313 Plant Science
AGR 1523 Introduction to Forestry
AGR 2310 Basic Soils Laboratory
AGR 2314 Basic Soils

Biology (BIO)
BIO 1111 Principles of Biology I, Laboratory
BIO 1113 Principles of Biology I, Lecture
BIO 1121 Principles of Biology II, Laboratory
BIO 1123 Principles of Biology II, Lecture
BIO 1131 General Biology I, Laboratory
BIO 1133 General Biology I, Lecture
BIO 1141 General Biology II, Laboratory
BIO 1143 General Biology II, Lecture
BIO 1211 Environmental Science, Laboratory
BIO 1311 Botany I, Laboratory
BIO 1313 Botany I, Lecture
BIO 1321 Botany II, Laboratory
BIO 1323 Botany II, Lecture
BIO 1531 Survey of Anatomy and Physiology, Laboratory
BIO 1533 Survey of Anatomy and Physiology, Lecture
BIO 1613 Nutrition
BIO 2314 Dendrology, Lecture & Laboratory
BIO 2410 Zoology I, Laboratory
BIO 2414 Zoology I, Lecture & Laboratory
BIO 2420 Zoology II, Laboratory
BIO 2424 Zoology II, Lecture & Laboratory
BIO 2511 Anatomy and Physiology I, Laboratory
BIO 2513 Anatomy and Physiology I, Lecture
BIO 2521 Anatomy and Physiology II, Laboratory
BIO 2523 Anatomy and Physiology II, Lecture
BIO 2921 Microbiology, Laboratory
BIO 2923 Microbiology, Lecture

Chemistry (CHE)
CHE 1211 General Chemistry I, Laboratory
CHE 1213 General Chemistry I, Lecture
CHE 1221 General Chemistry II, Laboratory
CHE 1223 General Chemistry II, Lecture
CHE 1311 Principles of Chemistry I, Laboratory
CHE 1313 Principles of Chemistry I, Lecture
CHE 1321 Principles of Chemistry II, Laboratory
CHE 1323 Principles of Chemistry II, Lecture
CHE 2423 Organic Chemistry I, Lecture
CHE 2421 Organic Chemistry I, Laboratory
CHE 2433 Organic Chemistry II, Lecture
CHE 2431 Organic Chemistry II, Laboratory

Family & Consumer Science (FCS)
FCS 1253 Nutrition

Health, Physical Education & Recreation (HPR)
HPR 1131 Varsity Sport
HPR 1141 Varsity Sport
HPR 1213 Personal and Community Health I
HPR 1313 Introduction to Health, Physical Education and Recreation
HPR 1512 Volleyball Techniques
HPR 1513 Fitness Walking
HPR 1531 Indoor Cycling I
HPR 1541 Indoor Cycling II
HPR 1541 Tennis
HPR 1542 Tennis/Badminton Techniques
HPR 1551 Fitness and Conditioning Training
HPR 1561 Fitness and Conditioning Training II
HPR 1571 Pilates II
HPR 1581 Pilates I
HPR 1591 Fundamentals of Golf
HPR 1751 Nutrition and Wellness
HPR 2131 Varsity Sport
HPR 2141 Varsity Sport
HPR 2213 First Aid & CPR
HPR 2571 Aerobics
HPR 2581 Aerobics II

Physics (PHY)
PHY 1111 Introduction to Astronomy, Laboratory
PHY 1113 Introduction to Astronomy, Lecture
PHY 1213 Survey of Physics I
PHY 2241 Physical Science I, Laboratory
PHY 2243 Physical Science I, Lecture
PHY 2251 Physical Science II, Laboratory
PHY 2253 Physical Science II, Lecture
PHY 2411 Physics l, Laboratory
PHY 2413 General Physics I, Lecture
PHY 2421 Physics II, Laboratory
PHY 2423 General Physics II, Lecture
PHY 2511 Physics Laboratory for Science and Engineering I
PHY 2513 Physics for Science and Engineering I
PHY 2521 Physics Laboratory for Science and Engineering II
PHY 2523 Physics for Science and Engineering II

Clubs and Organizations

Student Members of the American Chemical Society (SMACS)
Allied Health Organization (AHO)