Humanities Department

The Division of Languages and Communications offers students a variety of educational options emphasizing the development of verbal, written and analytical skills.

The Liberal Arts curriculum will give you a solid foundation if you want to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, foreign language, history or sociology at a senior institution. This broad-based curriculum emphasizes the development of verbal, written and analytical skills.

Student writers can practice their craft with hands-on experience in student publications.  The Ranger Rocket, Mississippi’s first junior college newspaper, and the Rocketeer, the college yearbook, offer students the chance to write copy, take photos and create layouts using the latest software and equipment.

Student editors manage staff members under the direction of advisers, and both publications have consistently won awards—including overall excellence—at the state level.  The newspaper and yearbook are members of the Mississippi Community/Junior College Press Association.


Communications/Broadcasting (COM)
COM 2463 Writing for the Electronic Media
COM 2483 Introduction to Mass Communication

Communications/Journalism (JOU)
JOU 1111 College Publications I
JOU 1121 College Publications II
JOU 1313 News Writing and Reporting I
JOU 1323 News Writing and Reporting II
JOU 2111 College Publications III
JOU 2121 College Publications IV

English (ENG)
ENG 0123 Intermediate English
ENG 1113 English Composition I
ENG 1123 English Composition II
ENG 2133 Creative Writing I
ENG 2143 Creative Writing II
ENG 2223 American Literature I
ENG 2233 American Literature II
ENG 2323 British Literature I
ENG 2333 British Literature II
ENG 2423 World Literature I
ENG 2433 World Literature II
ENG 2513 Survey of African-American Literature
ENG 2613 The Film as Literature

Modern Foreign Language (MFL)
MFL 1113 French I
MFL 1123 French II
MFL 1213 Spanish I
MFL 1223 Spanish II
MFL 2113 French III
MFL 2123 French IV
MFL 2213 Spanish III
MFL 2223 Spanish IV
MFL 2513 Occupational Spanish

Liberal Arts Pathway Information