Live for the stage? Our theatre department is the place for you.

Be part of the cast of a big musical, build sets for a classic play or assist the technical director with lighting and sound design.  Whatever your interest, you can get hands-on experience doing what you love. Northwest’s Fine Arts Auditorium features updated seating, lighting and sound enhancements and stage improvements. The department also sponsors the Northwest Players, a campus group dedicated to promoting interest in theatre and developing dramatic talents.

Scholarships will be awarded in the area of speech and theatre on the basis of audition or work submitted to the speech and theatre faculty. Students may enter the competition as performers and/or technicians. Actors will perform two monologues, one comic and one serious. Each should be no more than one and one-half minutes in length. Technicians may submit any examples of scene or set design or scene painting (photographs, models or drawings), clothing and/or costume design (photographs or actual clothing constructed by the applicant) or examples of writing that would show an aptitude for publicity work (yearbook, school newspaper, etc.). Academic Scholarships are for theatre majors, only. There are a limited number of Foundation Scholarships for non-majors who are interested in participating in theatre. Contact Sadie Shannon for more information.


Most people studying for a bachelor’s degree take courses in radio and television broadcasting, communications, film, theater, drama or dramatic literature. Many stage actors continue their academic training and receive a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree. Advanced curricula may include courses in stage speech and movement, directing, play-writing and design, as well as intensive acting workshops.

What can I expect from a career in theatre?

Although many actors, producers, and directors work in New York or Los Angeles, far more work in other places. They perform, direct, and produce in local or regional television studios, theaters, or film production companies, often creating advertising or training films or small-scale independent movies. Careers in the production side of theatre or performance art incude lighting, set management, sound production and sales and marketing.

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