Fine Arts Department

The Department of Fine Arts is comprised of visual and performing arts. Music students have many performance opportunities, while theatre students get hands-on set construction and acting experience. Art students get a chance for their works to be exhibited. Instructors are highly educated and competent professionals who actively practice their arts at Northwest and in the surrounding communities. Advisors work with senior institutions to ensure a successful transfer from Northwest to a four-year college.
NOTE: Students who wish to study Art, Music or Theatre must attend the Senatobia campus.

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  • Art
  • Music, Music Education, Music Performance
  • Entertainment Industry Studies
  • Theatre


Art (ART)
ART 2713 Art History I
ART 2723 Art History II
ART 1313 Drawing I
ART 1323 Drawing II
ART 1433 Design I
ART 1443 Design II
ART 1213 Introductory Art
ART 1513 Computer Art
ART 2513 Painting I
ART 2523 Painting II
ART 2613 Ceramics I
ART 2623 Ceramics II
ART 2433 Advertising Design I
ART 2463 Advertising Design II

MUA 1511 Class Piano I
MUA 1521 Class Piano II
MUA2511 Class Piano III
MUA 2521 Class Piano IV
MUS 1214 Music Theory I
MUS 1224 Music Theory II
MUS 2214 Music Theory III
MUS 2224 Music Theory IV
MUS 1911 Recital Class I
MUS 1921 Recital Class II
MUS 2911 Recital Class III
MUS2921 Recital Class IV
Major Applied Music I II III IV
Chorus and/or Band I II III IV

Entertainment Industries (MUS)
MUS 1413 Basic Computer Skills for Musicians
MUS 2413 Computer Recording I
MUS 2423 Computer Recording II
MUS 2443 Audio Engineering I
MUS 2453 Audio Engineering II
MUS 1423 Survey of Popular Music

Theatre (SPT)
SPT 1233 Acting
SPT 2283 Advanced Acting
SPT 1213 Fundamentals of Theatre Production
SPT 1241 Drama Production I
SPT 1251 Drama Production II
SPT 2241 Drama Production III
SPT 2251 Drama Production IV
SPT 2223 Stagecraft
SPT 1153 Voice, Diction and Phonetics
SPT 2143 Oral Interpretation
SPT 1223 Theatrical Makeup

Fine Arts Performances
There is a program of events and performances. Schedule is TBD.

Clubs and Organizations

  • Les Fauves (Art Club)
  • Northwest Players (Theatre club)

Performance/Exhibition Opportunities 
The theatre department presents at least three productions every year, including a musical. The music department presents  performances by the Wind  Ensemble, Concert Band, Steel Band, Percussion Ensemble, Marching Band,  Jazz Band, Northwest Singers, and The Entertainers.  The art department presents numerous art exhibits each semester which showcase the students and faculty of Northwest as well as famous artists from other areas.