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Business and Computer Teacher Education

What can I expect out of career in Business and Computer Teacher Education?

Graduates can choose to teach business or computer courses in a variety of learning environments, from K-12 schools to post-secondary or college level settings.  Business teachers combine instructional skills with business savvy as they teach courses such as marketing, accounting, business administration, human resource management and other business disciplines.

A computer teacher might cover basic keyboarding and computer functions for teenagers in public school or adults who are updating their work skills in a night class, or they may teach more complicated elements of computer science to college students. The duties of a computer teacher may include creating lesson plans, evaluating student performance, maintaining classroom records, meeting with parents, teachers and other professionals, updating curriculum and participating in campus events. Additional research, supervisorial or organizational duties may also be required depending upon the expectation of the employing school.

Business educators in general earn a Bachelor of Science degree that combines education and business coursework in order to qualify to teach in a high school or vocational business school. Professor-level positions require an advanced degree.To be employed as a computer teacher, a bachelor’s degree in computer science is the minimum educational requirement. Depending upon the setting in which you wish to teach, a teaching credential and further education may be needed.

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