Employees Custodial Services Protocol

COVID-19 Custodial Services Protocol 

  • Provide hand sanitizer stations in all scheduled occupied buildings
    • Public entrances
    • Scheduled classrooms
    • Restroom entrances
  • Provide disinfectant wipes in scheduled occupied buildings
    • Scheduled classrooms and labs
  • Maintain frequent sanitizing routines in scheduled occupied buildings:
    • All frequently touched items, door knobs, door frames, and hand railings should be sanitized three times each day
    • Restrooms sanitized twice each day
      • During unoccupied hours and again during occupied hours
    • Classroom desk tops and keyboards sanitized either with broad spectrum sanitizing sprayers or with disinfectant wipes once each day during unoccupied hours.

COVID-19 Personal Space Sanitizing Protocol

  • All Northwest employees and students are encouraged to use hand sanitizing stations when entering and exiting buildings, classrooms, and restrooms.
  • Use available disinfectant wipes in classrooms, labs, and offices to sanitize your personal work station before and after use, including keyboards, phones, personal electronics, instructional tools, laboratory surfaces, and laboratory equipment.

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