Employee Work From Home Guidance

Working from Home Guidance

Due to COVID19 related reasons, some employees may be approved to work from home on a short-term, temporary basis.  If you have been so approved, please use the time sheet for remote workers below to record your time.

To complete the form:

  1. Include your name and job title in the space provided.
  2. These forms should be submitted weekly.  Enter the dates you are working from home with the following information:
  3. The time you began working on the task or tasks.
    1. The time you stopped working on the task or tasks.
    2. The total number of hours spent.
    3. Description of what tasks you were working on.
      ** Multiple entries per day are acceptable, only record the time you were actively working on a task.
  4. Email this form to your Department Head or Supervisor for review and approval.
  5. Department Heads and Supervisors should verify approval by entering their name, employee ID, and the date approved.  Forms should then be forwarded to the Human Resources Department at humanresources@northwestms.edu no later than the Thursday after the week being submitted.  

    ** An example of a completed form is provided on the second tab in the spreadsheet.