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Marketing and Communications

Public Relations – Information about Northwest is e-mailed to newspapers, radio and television stations in the college’s 11-county district, Tupelo, Memphis and Jackson.  Material must be received in the Communications Office by Wednesday of each week. An estimated timetable for publicity is two weeks prior to an event and immediately following an event (not more than one week after it has taken place). Press releases are also posted at the online newsroom on the college’s website.

Special Events Coverage – The Communications Office provides coverage of special events on campus for academic, student activities, athletic and fine art programs and groups.  At least one week prior notice is required for coverage of a special event.  The Communications Office assists with Homecoming, building dedications and special events as requested by the President.

Sports Coverage – Scores and statistics are posted on and all social media accounts (@NWCC_Rangers) immediately following home/away contests. A game recap will be posted within 12 hours of the event online. Press releases and special releases are emailed to a 75-member mailing list that reaches newspapers, radio and TV stations all across the state of Mississippi and in the surrounding Memphis area. Selected events are live streamed and a full listing can be found at

Photography – Photographs are made of student events, special awards, sports events, etc.  The purpose of making these photographs is to send them to area newspapers for publicity and to post on social media.  At least two days’ notice is required for scheduling photography services.  The Communications Office does not make photos for scrapbooks and displays.  There is, however, a camera that may be checked out for those purposes.  Faculty and staff are asked to submit photos (e.g. clubs, awards and news) to Communications to be sent to area papers.

Clearinghouse – All college materials, including programs, invitations, flyers, posters and advertisements for dissemination to the campus and/or public are channeled through the Communications Office for proofreading, design and assisting with the communication process.

Media Liaison – The Associate Vice President of Community Relations serves as the official spokesperson for the college. News inquiries by media are to be directed to the Communications Office.

Advertising – Advertising for the college is approved and designed by the Communications staff.  Television and radio advertising is coordinated by the Communications Office.

Marketing Communications – Marketing communications plans are developed for academic and student affairs departments and athletics, including branding.

Graphic Standards - As part of the strategic planning process, the College has developed a new Strategic Plan which includes an updated mission and the addition of a vision and values. College marketing and branding efforts will reflect the ideals of the statements and seek to amplify the messages embodied in these statements. To view the Graphic Standards please click here.

Business Cards – The Communications Office is responsible for designing and ordering business cards for Northwest faculty and staff.  To order business cards, please make a request to your immediate supervisor or campus dean.

College Publications – The Communications staff is available for assistance with copy writing, layout, design and production of college publications for divisions, departments and special events.  The Communications Office works out production details with the printer.  Contact the Communications Office at least six weeks prior to the date the material is needed.

Rocketeer – The Rocketeer is the College's yearbook that is published online annually in the spring prior to the end of the semester.  The yearbook commemorates and highlights special awards and events of the previous school year. Photography and coverage of events, organizations and students/staff is coordinated by the Marketing and Strategic Communications Office. View the 2020-21 Rocketeer.

Web Content/Social Media Managers – Communications partners with Information Technology to manage and update content on the Northwest website. Website changes should be submitted via e-mail to the Webmaster. The Office of Communications manages institutional Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn pages. Promotions through these social networks should be submitted via e-mail to the Associate Vice President of Community Relations. If an official student organization or department wishes to start a social media account, they should first consult the  Communications Office.


Dr. Andrew Dale, Associate Vice President of Community Relations | 562-3319 |

Carly Fox, Assistant Director of Marketing & Strategic Communications | 662-562-3572 |

Jennifer Corbin, Graphic Designer | 562-3262 |

Sarah Smith, Communications Specialist | 562-3274 |

Kevin Pitts, Graphic Designer and Communications Specialist | 562-3502 |

Matthew Mixson, Video Coordinator and Digital Media Specialist | 562-5283 |

Brian Lentz, Sports Information Director | 562-3303 |

Brian Oakley, Sports Media Specialist | 562-3269 |

Julie Bauer, Director Emeritus | 562-3276 |