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Student Counseling, Disability & Testing Services

Student Counseling, Disability & Testing Services at Northwest

Our goal is to help students benefit from the personal, social, vocational and educational opportunities available to them by linking them with resources that offer support and meet their needs to ensure students are successful in their pursuits at Northwest.  


Available Services: 

  • Disability Services - The Disability Services staff works with faculty and other members of the College to provide individualized accommodations and support services while promoting student responsibility and self-advocacy. Available services include: 
    • Classroom Accommodations
    • Emails/Letters to instructors requesting accommodations
    • Counseling and support services
    • Assistance with Scheduling for ADA students
    • Liaison services between faculty, staff, and students regarding disability needs
  • Counseling Services:
    • Personal and Mental Health Counseling – Counseling is free and confidential for all Northwest students! NWCC Mental Health counselors utilize a short-term model of therapy to provide professional guidance in coping with personal or academic stressors, resolving personal conflicts and improving emotional wellbeing. Telehealth sessions may also be available upon request.
      • To schedule a counseling appointment at the Senatobia Campus, click here
      • For appointments at any other campus, click here.
    • Career Counseling and Workforce Support - The goal of the Beverly Brewer Stark Career Center is to lead the college’s efforts to support students and recent graduates in identifying and achieving their career goals through career exploration, professional development workshops, and life-long career planning. Career Counselors can assist with career planning, choosing a major, and other related concerns. 
    • Academic Advising – The Advising and Retention Center (ARC) provides support services for students to promote retention and academic success.  Responsibilities of the ARC include, but are not limited to the following:  academic advising, class registration, transfer counseling, transfer college fairs and workshops, academic coaching and ACT testing. 
  • On-Campus ACT Testing – Northwest offers the ACT (American College Testing), both National and On-Campus (Residual) on regularly scheduled dates. 
  • Placement Testing or Accuplacer -Accuplacer is required for admission purposes for students with no ACT scores that are 21 years or older.  Students that wish to challenge their ACT placement may schedule an Accuplacer test with the respective Student Counseling and Disability Services testing coordinator (see Campus Contacts Section below for more information on how to schedule).

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Counseling, Disability, & Testing Services

ULifeline is a free service funded by The Jed Foundation, designed to support positive mental health and wellbeing in college students. Available resources include mental health self-assessments, educational material, and tips, facts and links related to general wellness. ULifeline provides students with a completely confidential online environment to explore information related to improving positive wellbeing.

For additional resources, contact our office at (662) 562-3320.