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Poster Printing

Large format poster printing is available for all NWCC faculty, staff, and students in the library.

How To Have Your Poster Printed:

1. Save the poster in PDF format. Make sure your poster was designed as the size you want printed. 

2. Proof the poster for typographical and grammatical errors.

3. Submit your PDF poster file via the online form below and wait for the confirmation that your poster has been printed. Posters are normally printed within 24 hours of being submitted.  Posters are only printed Monday-Friday.

4. You may pick up your poster at the NWCC Senatobia campus library front desk. The library is located on the second floor of the Tunica Building.

NWCC Libraries Printing Notes:

There is no charge for printing, but there is a maximum number of posters printed per person/organization per semester. Each student, staff, and faculty member may request up to 2 posters per semester. Each NWCC student organization is allowed to request up to 3 posters per semester.

Poster dimensions can be any of the following:

  • 24 x 36 inches - portrait or 36 x 24 inches - landscape (most popular size)
  • 18 x 24 inches - portrait or 24 x 18 inches - landscape
  • 24 x 30 inches - portrait or 30 x 24 inches - landscape
  • 24 x 32 inches - portrait or 32 x 24 inches - landscape

The maximum size for a poster is 24” wide and 150” long

Posters must be in PDF format.

Patrons are responsible for adherence to copyright laws.

It is your responsibility to ensure your poster file is print ready when submitted to the library for printing. Staff will not edit any posters. Reprints will count against your poster limit per semester. 

You will be notified once your posters are ready for pick up. All posters can be picked up at the library’s front desk.

Questions? Contact Maya Berry at 662-560-4204 or email Although we will not design your poster for you, contact Maya for a quick tutorial on how to create a poster.