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Library Services

The Learning Resource Centers at NWCC provide numerous services for students, faculty and staff. Please review the resources listed below. If you have any questions, please contact your nearest LRC.


General Library Policies

Student Identification Cards
Student IDs must be presented for checking out library materials and for using computers in all Learning Resource Centers. Students are responsible for items checked out and use of another’s ID is not permitted. Please see the “Identification Policy” in the Student Handbook for further explanation.

Book Return
Students are expected to return materials to the circulation desk at all libraries when classes are in session. All circulation desks have a return slot for convenience. Book drops are located at the entrance to the Oxford and Senatobia libraries for after hour returns.

Closing Time
All libraries close promptly at stated hours located on entrance doors. Please make preparations fifteen minutes in advance of closing time to ensure a smooth departure for all.

Conduct in the Library
Northwest Learning Resource Centers (LRC) are committed to providing an educational environment conducive to learning. Students play a critical role in creating this environment by respecting the rights of others while using library resources.

  • A quiet policy is observed throughout all the libraries of Northwest. The purpose is to provide a suitable environment for study whether it be individually or in a group. Cooperation with this policy acknowledges and supports the need for a quiet place on campus.  Set cell phones to silent when entering the LRC and walk out to answer them.   Turn volume down on headphones while working in solitude or on computers.
  • A certain amount of noise is expected at all service desks where librarians often interact with faculty, staff and students. Otherwise, both librarians and students are expected to minimize noise by keeping conversations low.
  • Students must present a current student ID to use computers or check out material.
  • Students who access social media/gaming on LRC computers will be monitored. If a demand for school-related work becomes apparent, the librarian will ask for social media/gaming to cease. Anyone who misuses library computers/laptops may be referred for disciplinary action.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the library.

The library faculty and staff reserve the right to ask students to conform to the Code of Conduct. If misconduct continues, the librarian will request an ID from the student. An incident report will be filed with Campus Police at this point, or the student will be asked to leave the library.

Access for the Disabled
The library staff recognizes the rights and needs of people with disabilities to equal access of materials. Visually or physically disabled students should feel free to ask for assistance. Specific accommodations can be met in each of the Learning Resource Centers, too. For example, the Senatobia library provides visual catalogs containing popular DVDs and games and a text to voice scanner for student use.  See Senatobia staff for more details.

Copy Machines
Each Learning Resource Center has copy machines available for student use—some are coin operated. Students are expected to do their own copying and to notify the staff if a machine malfunctions. NOTICE:  The United States copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code) governs photocopying of copyrighted materials. See staff at the circulation desk if you have questions about fair use laws.

Intralibrary Loans
The three Northwest libraries share a library catalog. Books located at another Northwest campus can be sent to a requesting student’s campus. The process takes 2-3 days to transfer materials. One may request a book either with staff or by using ID and password to place a hold through the library catalog.

Lost and Found
For personal belongings lost in the library, inquire at the circulation desk. Valuables are transferred to Campus Police at the end of each semester. Library staff are not responsible for unattended belongings.

Library Orientation
Librarians provide three types of orientations:  classroom specific, individualized assistance, and tutorials located in subject guides on the library’s website. Please ask a campus librarian for more information.

Study Areas
All three Learning Resource Centers have designated areas for individual study. Senatobia has a separate Quiet Study Room, also. Noise should be kept at a minimum at all times and groups sitting together should speak in low tones being mindful of others in the area. Oxford and Senatobia LRCs have Group Study Rooms located in the back of the main floor. Doors to these rooms may be shut to contain noise. If noise in any part of the LRC becomes a problem, the librarian may ask groups to move apart or leave.

Saving Your Work
Using a USB flash drive to save work is highly recommended for all computers and laptops. The school provides a U-drive via virtual computers or internet connection when a flash drive is not available. Files can temporarily be stored on campus computers and laptops, but ALL FILES ARE ERASED once the user logs off. Library personnel cannot retrieve lost files from computers or laptops, but they may have an extra flash drive to borrow. Save or print your work before shutting down. Senatobia provides a wireless printer. Ask at circulation desk for more information.

Check Out Procedures

General Collection
A student, in possession of their personal Northwest ID, may check out ten items, three of which can be video games, to be returned in two weeks. Those items can be renewed for an additional two-week period. Renewals may be made via the library catalog, by phone, or in person. Librarians reserve the right to place lending restrictions on material in high demand. Notices for overdue materials are automatically generated and sent to students via their Northwest email account. At the end of each semester, a return date is set for all materials one day prior to clearance. Material not returned by clearance will be charged to the student’s account along with a five dollar processing fee per material. Material and processing fee will be waived if material is returned by registration the following semester. Material returned by the end of the first month of registration the following semester will be credited for the amount of the material, but processing fees remain. By the second month, the student is responsible for the entire bill even if material is returned. Material must be in good condition to be considered eligible. Lost or stolen material should be reported immediately to the circulation desk librarian. Bring the police report if stolen. The processing fee will be waived, but the student must pay for the material to be replaced. The college reserves the right to hold official transcripts until these charges are cleared.

Board Games
Senatobia library has a variety of board games. These games can be checked out. 

Senatobia library has two DVD collections available. DVDs located in the back of the library are for faculty use in the classroom. A popular collection of titles, located at the front of the library, can be checked out for a period of two weeks by all NWCC faculty, staff, and students. Both, Oxford and DeSoto Center libraries check out DVDs to Northwest faculty only.

Senatobia has two six-stringed guitars for student check out. The guitar counts as one item towards the five a student is allowed to check out at one time during the semester. A guitar may be checked out for a semester if enrolled in Guitar Basics. Librarians suggest Guitar Tuna, an app for mobile devices, to tune the guitar once checked out.

DeSoto, Oxford and Senatobia libraries check out laptops to students. The libraries have a “Laptop Use Policy and Agreement” to be signed by the student each time a laptop is checked out. . Laptops must be returned to the circulation desk in Oxford and DeSoto and the media lab office in Senatobia. No other locations are acceptable. Students are responsible for the full replacement cost if a laptop is lost, stolen or damaged. Never leave the laptop unattended. Students are required to follow NWCC policies regarding computer/internet use and copyright laws. These policies are found in the Student Handbook under “Acceptable Use Policy for Computing” and “Student Computing Guidelines.”

Northwest LRCs subscribe to a variety of academic journals, popular magazines and newspapers. The newspapers include local news from the eleven counties served and national news. A limited number of newspapers and magazines are retained for classroom use each semester. Senatobia LRC checks out all these items for a two week period. Northwest subscribes to two databases that include newspapers, journals and magazines:  Newspaper Source in MAGNOLIA and ProQuest’s Newsstand.

Reserve Materials
Often times an instructor will place journal articles, books, textbooks, DVDs and CDs on reserve for a class to read/watch/listen to within the library. Reserve items are considered in-house use only. Library staff cannot purchase textbooks. It is under the instructor’s discretion to place an extra textbook on reserve. All reserves are kept behind circulation desks at all libraries except for DVDs, VHS and CDs in the Senatobia Media Lab. Student IDs are required to use these materials.

Video Games
Senatobia library has PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One video games for NWCC students, staff, and faculty. These games can be checked out for two weeks. Once a student checks out a video game, he is responsible for returning the game in good condition or paying for its replacement.

Equipment for Students and Faculty
All of the Learning Resource Centers have many types of equipment to assist students with their assignments and faculty and staff with teaching. Click here to go to the equipment list page for DeSotoOxford, or Senatobia.

Faculty Privileges
Faculty and staff members are granted an extended loan privilege; however, all materials must be returned at the end of each semester. They may be checked out again at the beginning of the next semester.

Library Catalog
The Northwest library catalog indexes all books and periodicals held by the three Northwest campuses. All books are accessed under AUTHOR, TITLE, or SUBJECT.

Author:  The author of a book may be a person(s), a government agency, an association, or an institution.

Title:  Titles that begin with a, an, or the will be alphabetized using the second word in the title.

Subject:  The subject indicates what the book is about. By using a subject entry, one can see at a glance the titles of all the books in the library on a given subject.

Information in an entry includes the author of the book, the complete title, date of publication, publishers, and place of publication. On the last line of the entry, near the center, is the call number or classification number of the book. This will locate the book on the shelves. Students may renew a book or place a book on hold through this system using their Northwest username and password.

Click  here  to go to the Library Catalog.

Dewey Classification
Libraries in the Mississippi community college system all use the Dewey Classification System. Northwest LRCs embrace an “open door” admissions policy and provide this familiar system as a standard for information seeking students whether they progress to a university or receive a certificate and become employed after graduation.

Reference Books
Reference books are sources providing specific answers for information needs. Reference books include encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, gazetteers, and some biographical sets. These books may not be checked out, but specific pages can be copied on the library’s copy machine.

Northwest LRCs subscribe to a variety of databases that include full text articles, copyright approved images, streaming videos for classroom use, credible websites, and online tutorials. Off campus access requires a username (first initial, last name and last four digits on student ID without spaces) and student generated password.

Click here to go to the Database page.

Subject Guides
Northwest LRCs provide a variety of subject guides that include full text articles, copyright approved images, streaming videos for classroom use, credible websites, and online tutorials. Off campus access requires a username (first initial, last name and last four digits on student ID without spaces) and student generated password.

Click here to go to the Subject Guides page.

Media Support Labs
All Northwest libraries provide computers, laptops, printers, and scanners for student, faculty, and staff use. Equipment is also available to play movies and music that are assigned for class. Please contact library staff for more information about their equipment available at your library.