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Equipment for Students and Faculty – Oxford

The Oxford Library has many types of equipment to assist our students with their assignments and our faculty and staff with teaching. Use these resources to complete assignments, make multimedia projects to post to Canvas, and learn a new language.

Students may only checkout the items indicated in the description.


a copier

We have two copiers available for students and faculty to use. Students are charged $.10 per page.

Digital Cameras

Sony video camera

Our digital cameras will help you capture important pictures at a distance or record video.

Faculty/Staff may checkout this item.

Digital Projector

an Epson digital projector

If you need to give a presentation in the classroom or at a conference, check out one of our projectors. We also have a projector and laptop on a cart for use in the non-smart classrooms.

Faculty/Staff may checkout this item.

Digital Voice Recorder

Olympus digital voice recorder

Record a lecture for playback to your class.  The high quality audio file can then be uploaded to Canvas, a website, or simply played back through a computer via its built-in USB connector.  You may also transfer the file to an audio CD or any number of media file formats.

The digital voice recorder may be checked out by faculty or for use by students in the library.

Elmo Projector

ELMO projector

Project documents, images, or objects onto a screen or TV for large group viewing.  Zoom in close to show fine detail.  Save images to your computer for later viewing.

We have two Elmo Projectors that can be checked out by faculty.

Flash Drive

flash drive attached to a NWCC student activities keychain

We have flash drives that may be checked out by faculty and students  if you need to save presentations for classroom use.


a headset at Oxford

We offer a headset/microphone for use in the library and we offer either headphones or earbuds for purchase. $2.00 each.

iPad & Mini Projector

an iPad in a case next to a mini projector with a tripod

Faculty may checkout  our new iPad and mini projector for small group presentations. Download apps from the app store with your iTunes account.


laminator sitting on top of a bookshelf filled with magazines

We have a laminator available that may be used to preserve signs, documents and pictures.

Faculty/Staff may use this item.


a Dell laptop

Take advantage of the wireless internet and printing in the library to work on a Dell laptop that has Microsoft Office software.  We have laptops available to be used in the Library by students and laptops that can be checked out by faculty.

Portable Chargers

portable charger with the Northwest Learning Resource Centers logo on it

If your cell phone is running out of power, check out one of our portable chargers so you do not have to sit next to a power outlet.

Faculty/Staff and students may checkout this item for one day.


a scanner with the lid open

We have a scanner available for students and faculty to use, scanned documents can be saved to flash drive, U-drive or emailed.

SD Card Reader

Targus brand usb sd card reader

Recall and save media files to computer from multi-format secure digital cards.

TV and DVD

combination TV and DVD player on a cart

We have TVs and DVD players for checkout by faculty and for use by students in the library.