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Current Students

Students with disabilities who are accepted for admission are advised to contact the Disability Services Office as soon as possible regarding disabilities that might require accommodations. Note: Last minute requests for accommodations may not be readily met because of the time required to make such arrangements.

  • Students who desire any classroom modifications must request them via the form "Student Request for Reasonable Accommodations/ Modifications" located in the Disability Form Packet.
  • Students must provide the appropriate documentation of the disability and how it limits or impacts their participation in courses, programs, services, jobs, activities, and facilities at Northwest.
    Note: All testing must have been within a three-year period prior to the date the application for services is received.
  • After a student has self-identified and provided documentation to our office, the submitted documentation is reviewed by a Committee for requested accommodations on a case-by-case basis. This review generally results in one of three main outcomes:
  1. (A) disability verified and approved (current appropriate information was received with sufficient information to confirm diagnosis and provide support for appropriate accommodations)
  2. (B) further information required (current appropriate information was not received to confirm diagnosis or appropriate accommodations)
  3. (C) disability is not verified or approved (current appropriate information was received; however, the student does not meet the criteria for diagnosis with a disabling condition).

Once approved, instructors will receive letter/notice from the Disability Services Office regarding the requested accommodations of the application reviewed.