Adjunct Instructor (Adult Education, ESL, Smart Start) – Job Pool Only

POSITION: Adjunct Instructor (Adult Education, ESL, Smart Start) – Job Pool Only


This announcement is to maintain a pool of qualified applicants. Submission of an application and our acceptance thereof does not indicate that there are positions open, and in no way obligates Northwest MS Community College.

Provides instruction to adult education students. Plans, implements, documents, and evaluates instructional practices, procedures, and materials. Provides direct, on-site, daily supervision of academic assistants.

Examples of Duties

The following examples are intended only as illustrations of the various tasks performed by the incumbent in this position. These examples are not meant to be exhaustive; they are representative of the general functions of this position.

  • Provides instruction in literacy; adult education; HSE test preparation; English language acquisition; family literacy; (Integrated) English literacy and civics education; workforce preparation; integrated education and training, including career pathways; and workplace education, including National Career Readiness Certificate and Smart Start Pathway instruction.
  • Applies research-based instructional practices that incorporate the use of computers and other technologies.
  • Is knowledgeable of reading, writing, and/or math instructional strategies.
  • Uses instructional strategies, learning practices, and tools appropriate to the needs of the student.
  • Uses lesson plans that integrate instruction across content areas.
  • Provides continuous feedback and adjusts instruction to maximize student learning.
  • Collaborates with colleagues to develop and evaluate curriculum and materials aligned with CCRS.
  • Integrates work, family, and community related activities into instruction.
  • Administers and interprets appropriate placement and diagnostic tests.
  • Facilitates the transfer of learned skills from the classroom to the job.
  • Plans learning experiences that are interactive and relevant to the specific workplace environment.
  • Customizes and develops workplace education curriculum and lesson plans that facilitate transition from the classroom to the job based on the workforce goals and expected training outcomes.

Assessment and Monitors Learning

  • Uses formal and informal assessment data to monitor and document student progress.
  • Collects and manages accurate data for program improvement and accountability.
  • Participates in the retention and follow-up of students.

Classroom Management

  • Maintains knowledge of program guidelines, regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • Maintains student records.
  • Supervises and monitors academic assistants.


  • Makes referrals to community agencies or postsecondary institutions as appropriate.
  • Advocates adult education at the local and state level and explains the impact of under-education on employment and society.
  • Assesses adult education needs and promotes program in community.
  • Promotes use of community resources and participates in activities of other community agencies.
  • Recruits students and matches them with instructional staff.

Professional Development

  • Participates in required professional development activities.
  • Participates in additional professional growth opportunities to support student achievement.
  • Uses technology resources to engage in ongoing professional development and lifelong learning.
  • Assesses personal strengths and weaknesses as a basis for developing a professional development plan.

Minimum Requirements

Bachelor’s degree (Education, Adult Education or related field preferred)

A copy of this degree is required on file at the local director’s office. All instructors hired must complete a mentorship under a certified Mississippi Adult Education Mentor and pass the Mississippi Adult Education competency test. All new instructors must attend the New Instructor Academy to learn basic instructional competencies and prepare for the state competency test.

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