Verification For Financial Aid

Apply for Admission to Northwest
Before you can be awarded financial aid, you must complete the admissions process and be accepted to Northwest.

Apply for the FAFSA 
Apply online using the steps on the previous page. Be sure to electronically sign with your FSA ID or the form will not be sent to the schools you want. Northwest’s school code is 002427.

Waiting Period
Your Student Aid Report (SAR) will be sent to the school and to you within 3-5 business days. If you haven’t received your SAR in six weeks, contact Federal Student Aid at 1-800-433-3243 to check the status of your application.

Verification is a process in which the U.S. Department of Education requires schools to collect documents, in order to check the accuracy of the information submitted on the FAFSA. Schools are prohibited from awarding financial aid, until the Verification process is complete.

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You MUST wait 5 days after filing your FAFSA form before creating your Verification account. 

If you currently have financial aid for this school year, Spring 2022 or Summer of 2022, verification will continue to be managed in the Campus Logic system.

Students Create your Verification account  |  Students with existing accounts login here
Parents Create your Verification account | Parent with existing accounts login here

After your account has been created you will immediately see any forms that must be completed. Follow the instructions and once you have completed all requirements click on the Finish button and then Submit. We will review your documents and your Verification account will alert you if there is any more information we need. Please respond quickly to any text message or email from Verification so that your application is not held up.

If applying for Financial Aid beginning Fall 2022login here for access to our new Student Financial Planning Portal (SFP).  Information about navigating the portal can be found here.  Note:  You must have an Admissions Application on file for Fall 2022 or be enrolled as a current student in order to access the portal.

Important note - DO NOT SEND YOUR INFORMATION BY EMAIL TO US. Always login to your Verification account and only submit your forms there.  

Respond Immediately to the Financial Aid Office & Student Verification 
Respond to emails from Northwest’s awarding financial aid counselor and complete requested tasks in Student Verification to help speed up the awarding process. 

It is your responsibility to check your myNWCC. You will not be notified by mail. In your myNWCC portal on the Northwest website, choose the Financial Aid Requirements option under Financial Information. If the Financial Aid Office needs more information, respond immediately to avoid delays in receiving your Financial Aid.

Determine if Your File is Complete
In your myNWCC portal, choose the Financial Aid Status option under Financial Information to check your status.  Your Application Status will indicate your current status in the Financial Aid Office. Once you have been awarded, the Awards block under Financial Aid Status will show your financial aid award. You will not receive an award letter.

Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
You must maintain satisfactory academic progress toward your degree objective. Your class attendance and performance will be monitored.

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