Tuition and Fees

Fees and Payments
The Business Office is available on the second floor of the James P. McCormick Administration Building in Senatobia for payment of fees, traffic fines, and to pick up work study checks.  Student Loan checks are mailed out and cannot be collected. Personal checks may also be cashed. There is a $100 limit on personal checks, and I.D. is required. The office is open from 8:30 a.m. until noon and from 1 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. The cashier’s window closes at 3:30 p.m. each day.

Tuition & Fees per Semester 

Tuition and fees are as follows:


  • 1-14 credit hours (part-time/summer term): $145 per credit hour
  • 15-21 credit hours (full-time fall & spring only): $1,600 per semester
  • Over 21 credit hours (full-time plus hours): $1,600 per semester plus $145 per credit hour over 19


  • Registration Fee (all students—per semester): $50
  • Technology Fee (all students—per semester): $45
  • Out-of-State Fee (per fall & spring semester—in addition to full-time tuition): $1,200
  • Part time Out of State Fee (per credit hour – in addition to part-time tuition): $100


  • Career-Technical Program Fee (per semester): $50
  • Mississippi Virtual Community College Fee (per semester): $15 per credit hour
  • Nursing Program Fee (per semester—ADN students only): $1,200
  • Automobile Registration Fee—first vehicle registered: no charge
  • Automobile Registration Fee—per additional decal: $5
  • Replacement of ID Card: $10
  • Room Deposit: Bobo, Gainey, Panola, Quitman, & Taylor Halls: $50
  • Room Deposit: Benton, DeSoto, Marshall & Tallahatchie Halls: $100
  • Books—estimated per semester*: $600 to $800
  • Ebook Fees
  • Residual ACT: $50
  • Deferred Payment Fee: $25
  • Returned Check Fee: $25

*Books and supplies for some programs may exceed this estimate. Some courses may require a mandatory eBook fee payable at the time of registration. Fee amounts will vary depending on the cost of each book.


  • Benton Hall (Women): $750
  • Bobo Hall (Women): $650
  • DeSoto Hall (Men or Women): Standard—$825, Deluxe—$875
  • Gainey Hall (Men): $650
  • Marshall Hall (Men or Women): $825
  • Panola Hall (Women): $650
  • Quitman Hall (Men): $575
  • Tallahatchie Hall (Men): $750
  • Taylor Hall (Women): $575
  • Gainey Hall or Bobo Hall—Summer Term Per Session: $200


The cafeteria operates on a meal credit system. Students have an account accessed by their ID card. Each account has meal credits based on the meal plan purchased.   There are no roll over credits.

  • PLAN A: $1,050
  • PLAN B (required of all resident students): $925
  • PLAN C: $400
  • PLAN D: $300
  • PLAN E (Summer Term—Per Session): $325

 For specific meal plan options, please consult the Bulletin.

If you have any questions about tuition or fees, please contact Associate Bursar Brie Engle at (662) 562-3913 or email

Refund Policy

  • Spring and Fall – 100 percent refund if official withdrawal is made during the week of regular registration. 75 percent refund if official withdrawal is made during the first week after regular registration. 50 percent refund if official withdrawal is made during the second week after regular registration. 25 percent refund if official withdrawal is made during the third week after regular registration. NO REFUND WILL BE MADE AFTER THE END OF THE THIRD WEEK FOLLOWING REGULAR REGISTRATION. 
  • Summer – 100 percent refund if official withdrawal is made prior to the start of classes. 75 percent refund if official withdrawal is made on the first day of classes. 50 percent refund if official withdrawal is made on the second day of classes. 25 percent refund if official withdrawal is made on the third day of classes.  NO REFUND WILL BE MADE AFTER  THE THIRD DAY OF CLASSES FOR SUMMER SESSIONS.

Student Refunds and Disbursements
NWCC has partnered with BankMobile to deliver financial aid refunds including grants and loans to students who have credit balances after all charges have been paid. All students will receive a Refund Selection code mailed to their permanent address on file with the college. Students have the option of having funds transferred into an existing bank account or receiving a paper check. Students may choose to open a BankMobile Vibe checking account and receive their funds via direct deposit.

NWCC BankMobile Agreement

Access Student Refunds at

Fees and expenses listed are correct at time of publication. The college reserves the right to increase fees and expenses without prior notification.

Contact Information
Business Office James P. McCormick Administration Building | Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Monday – Friday | Phone: (662) 562-3216