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Students receiving any form of Federal Financial Aid (Pell Grant, SEOG, Work-Study and Student Loans) at Northwest will be expected to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) toward their program objective.

Failure to achieve Satisfactory Academic Progress will result in the termination of your Federal Financial Aid. Any student being denied Federal Financial Aid, due to not meeting all of the SAP requirements (exceeding 96 credit hours, low completion rate, and low overall GPA) must submit a Financial Aid SAP Appeal.

The following table summarizes the SAP Policy.

Credit Hours Attempted Percentage of Hours Attempted That Must Be Passed Minimum Cumulative GPA You Must Maintain
0-30 50% 1.50
31-96 67% 2.0
97 and up Generally, Not Eligible for Fin Aid Generally, Not Eligible for Fin Aid

The Percentage of Hours Passed is determined by dividing your Earned Hours by your Attempted Hours.

Example: 10 Earned Hours/20 Attempted Hours = 50% of Hours Passed

We advise each student to review your Northwest transcript and read the SAP Policy, before completing the SAP Appeal Form.

Click here for the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.


SAP Appeal Form
Please schedule a meeting with your academic advisor to have the *required* Academic Plan form completed to attach to your appeal for the academic year.  
Academic Plan