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Capital Campaign

Phase II

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully achieved our initial fund-raising goal of $4.56 million. However, there remain significant opportunities to support several vital projects that are either pending completion or recently conceived. Our overarching vision is to rally support for these initiatives, thereby affording others the chance to partake in the momentum we have generated.


These Phase 2 projects include: 

  • The construction of an Indoor Athletic Training Facility
  • Enhancements to the Northwest Farm 
  • The erection of a Bell Tower on the Senatobia Campus

Thank you to our generous donors and our committed employees who have supported the campaign thus far. We will continue to remain within the scope of the Investing Today, Impacting Tomorrow Capital Campaign to give opportunity for additional alumni, individuals, and entities to be a part of this positive progress. This campaign was initiated in November 2020, and we are presently three years into what was originally projected as a three-to-five-year endeavor. In due course, we will determine the most opportune moment, before November 2025, to bring the campaign to a triumphant conclusion and celebrate the resounding success of the Investing Today, Impacting Tomorrow Capital Campaign

  “At NWCC, we have been presented  with tremendous opportunities to serve our community with new and expanded programs. We have a new vision, a new mission and new values, all crafted with the community in mind. Transform, enrich and strive for excellence – that is what we have set out to do.”
― Dr. Michael J. Heindl, President

 “This campaign will help the college overcome financial barriers that be might preventing us from expanding current programs and starting new programs. A onetime investment by a donor will positively impact students living in this community for years to come. ”
– Jeff Horton, Vice President for Administration and Finance


Serving an 11-county area, NWCC has the largest geographical service district among the Mississippi Community Colleges. Scores of individuals and businesses are moving into this highgrowth area. Therefore, it is critically important to our community to provide the programs necessary for our students to earn a certificate or degree; thereby transforming their lives and enabling our graduates to start careers that will change their family trees. Students are not a number on a class roster here; they are people with unique interests, skills, challenges and goals.

We are fortunate to receive public funding from various sources. However, to get to the finish line with these projects, we must add private support to the equation. We must collaborate with alumni, friends, corporate partners and foundations to ensure that resources are in place to continue NWCC’s upward trajectory of student success.

I hope that you will join us in Investing Today, Impacting Tomorrow. With your support, we will have a greater influence in helping people fulfill their educational aspirations. New programs, expanded programs, unique opportunities – YOU can make a direct impact on the transformation of lives at NWCC and the communities we serve.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.

Dr. Michael J. Heindl

The Opportunity

NWCC must change to meet the demands of the community and the expectations of employers. Projects funded through this campaign will broaden the opportunities for our students to choose career paths that will allow them to earn sustainable incomes. The expanded workforce training programs will enrich our communities by providing qualified employees to industries that have experienced hardships in finding enough qualified applicants to fill positions. Further, we will create and maintain state of the art, world-class facilities that are built with the future in mind.

We must be dynamic to stay relevant.

This campaign, however, is not solely about raising money to advance our programs and facilities. Campaigns create excitement and raise awareness. Investing Today, Impacting Tomorrow offers a groundbreaking opportunity to share our story of who we are today and who we aspire to be in the future. It will help us engage our alumni, build supporters, and attract gifted students to campus.


For more information or donation inquiries please contact Patti Gordon at or (662)560-1103

The Projects

At NWCC, we are fortunate to receive funding from various sources. The costs below represent our campaign goal for each project, which is just a portion of the total project cost. Private support will enable us to cross the finish line in regard to funding these very important projects.



Robert H. “Bob” Dunlap
CEO • Dunlap & Kyle Company, Inc.
Norris Faust
Retired Farmer
NWCC Alumnus ‘71
Niles Norris
Physical Therapist/President
Endurance Physical Therapy
NWCC Alumnus ‘92
Michael R. Havens, MD
Batesville Medical Clinic • Owner
NWCC Alumnus ‘81