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Strategic Plan

The purpose of strategic planning at NWCC is to identify and meet educational needs in our community that are intentionally aligned with the college’s mission, vision, and values. NWCC is committed to:

  • Instructional Success, supported by
  • Institutional Success, so that our students can achieve
  • Personal Success, which brings about
  • Community Success.

What we do as a college is provide quality instruction and student learning across multiple delivery platforms. Excellence in instruction increases the potential for a student’s personal success. The strengths of our institution, in terms of our infrastructure, our people, our financial resources, our culture, and our reputation, provide the optimal environment for the success of our students. Their personal success, from entry to graduation to their next step beyond our college, is the main focus of our institution because ultimately, it is our students’ success that drives growth and enrichment in our community. Therefore, this Strategic Plan clearly defines these four commitments and the particular goals and objectives underlying each commitment.


Strategic Plan 2014-2019