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Psychology and Behavioral Science Collection - Articles from over 400 psychology and behavioral sciences journals. Link to YouTube video demo

ProQuest Newsstand - Newspaper articles from the US and around the world. Link to YouTube video demo

Academic Search Premier - Includes articles from psychology journals.


NWCC Library Books - Search the library catalog for books at any Learning Resource Center.

Psychology - EBSCO eBooks Link to YouTube video demo


Psychology Video Collection - Streaming Videos from Films on Demand Link to YouTube video demo


Citing Your Sources - A tutorial created by one of our librarians to help explain how to avoid plagiarism.

Classics in the History of Psychology - Full-text, but mostly published before the 1930s.

Cogprints - Self-archived open access journal articles.

Encyclopedia of Psychology - Over 1700 links to psychology websites.

National Institute of Mental Health - Includes many resources on mental health issues such as downloadable fact sheets.

Online Social Psychology Studies - Over 200 web-based surveys and experiments are linked here.

Reference and Citation Examples - APA style help with in-text and reference page citation examples.

SimplyPsychology - Created by a psychology instructor in England

Stanford Prison Experiment - A famous psychology experiment by Philip G. Zimbardo.



Library Instruction Survey - Take our survey and tell us about the library instruction you received during your class.