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Comp II


eBooks - Search our entire EBSCOhost eBooks collection.Link to YouTube video demo

NWCC Library Books - Search the library catalog for books at any Learning Resource Center.


Research Literature and Writing

Academic Search Premier - Find articles on a variety of subjects, including literature.

Bloom's Literature - Includes critical essays and analysis about literature. Link to YouTube video demo

Learning Express Library - Under the skills and improvement tab, writing and grammar skills ebooks, tests, and courses are available.Link to YouTube video demo

Literary Reference Center - Another resource for critical essays and analysis about literature. Link to YouTube video demo

Oxford African American Studies Center - Includes fiction, essays, and biographies of African American authors.

Writer's Reference Center - A thorough guide to writing, including how to write an essay. Link to YouTube video demo

Research Issues

CREDO Reference - Discover background information about the topic you are researching.Link to YouTube video demo

CQ Researcher - Comprehensive coverage of today's issues.

Issues and Controversies - Information about today's pressing issues. Includes a guide to selecting a research topic.

ProQuest Newsstand - Newspaper articles from the US and around the world. Link to YouTube video demo

Opposing Viewpoints - Research the pros and cons of issues.Link to YouTube video demo

SIRS Issues Researcher - Includes pro and con articles linked to a specific issues.Link to YouTube video demo

Statista - A large collection of statistics, infographics, and market study reports.


Freegal Music - Download and keep up to five songs each week.


English and Language Arts Video Collection - Streaming videos from Films on Demand Link to YouTube video demo

NBC Learn Higher Ed - A collection of videos, newsreels, documents, and images, including current events.Link to YouTube video demo


Annotated Bibliography - An example of an annotated bibliography in MLA format.

Citing Your Sources - A tutorial created by one of our librarians to help explain how to avoid plagiarism.

How to Avoid Plagiarism - From the University of of Maryland, information on how to properly cite, paraphrase, and summarize your information.

Mississippi Writers & Musicians - Includes biographical information about Mississippi writers, musicians, actors, and artists.

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) - Writing help and citation guides for APA and MLA style.

Leishman Resources for Comp II

Leishman Resources for Comp II - Links for Instructor Leishman's classes.

Mississippi Blues Resources

Comp. II Blues Resources - Links for Comp. II classes with Mississippi Blues assignments.



Comp II - Survey for DeSoto.


Hicks Comp II - Survey for Ms. Hicks.


Comp II Orientation - Survey for Oxford.