Housing FAQ

When will I know my housing assignment and roommate?
For the Fall semester, room assignments are available the first week of July via the student’s myNWCC account.
For the Spring semester, room assignments are available mid-December via the student’s myNWCC account.
If a student is placed on a wait list, a letter will be mailed to the student’s home address.

 I was assigned to a residence hall that was not one of my top 3 choices – why?
Returning students (students who lived on-campus the previous semester) are given first priority to the residence hall of their choice. Many returning students choose to reside in the apartments for their second year therefore limiting the amount of apartment beds for freshmen students. All new students are assigned based on the date that their deposit was received. We do our best to assign students to one of their requested choices as long as space is still available.

Residents will always be considered for their top 3 choices. For different reasons, residents vacate their residence hall rooms throughout the year. As vacancies become available, students are contacted for upgrades based on their date of deposit. This is often referred to as a waiting list for a specific building requested.

I was not assigned with my requested roommate – why?
Roommates are assigned together when there is a mutual request, hall preferences are the same with the appropriate deposit needed, and applications and deposits are received within 5 days of each other. If you were not assigned with your requested roommate one or more of the above requirements were not met.

How do the waiting lists work?
There are several different waiting lists but all of them function the same way. Any student who requests on their application to be assigned to Benton, Desoto, Marshall, or Tallahatchie Hall, submitted the required $100 deposit, and were not assigned to one of these will automatically be placed on the apartment waiting list for their respective gender, in order of the date that their $100 deposit was received.  When a vacancy becomes available in one of the apartments, the student with the earliest deposit date is contacted and offered to move.
Any student who requests on their application to be assigned to Bobo or Panola and were not assigned to one of these will automatically be placed on the female suite waiting list, in order of the date that their deposit was received.

At times, a female and a male waiting list are compiled in the order in which the housing deposit was received. This list is for any student who applied for housing once all of the rooms were assigned and is considered by the college a resident of the state of Mississippi. As students cancel their housing or do not claim their assigned room by the first day of classes, students on this waiting list are contacted and informed of a room becoming available.

Can freshmen live in the apartments?
Yes, freshmen may apply and request to live in the apartments. However, the opportunity may not present itself until the spring semester of a student’s freshmen year. All applicants must keep in mind that current residents receive first choice, then new students are assigned by the date of their deposit.

Will I have to take my belongings home at the end of each semester?
Students may leave their personal belongings in their assigned rooms during the break between fall and spring semesters as long as the student is returning to school and to that room for the spring semester. Students are provided with a check list as to how to leave their room prior to their departure (take out their trash; make sure they have not left their valuables, etc). All students must completely vacate and remove all of their personal belongings from their assigned room at the end of the spring semester, even if the student has applied for summer school housing.

Is there a curfew?
The curfew policy is:
1. All visitors (non-students) and commuters must leave campus by 10 p.m. unless they are attending a campus event which is open to the public, such as an athletic event, dance, etc.
2. Unauthorized persons present after 10 p.m. are subject to disciplinary action or arrest.
3. Resident students are not permitted to visit other residence halls between the hours of 10 p.m. and 10 a.m.

What type of security is offered?
All residence halls have live in supervisors and video monitoring systems. All suite style and traditional style residence halls have ID card access. In addition, students are encouraged to keep their residence hall apartment or room doors locked at all times. All residence halls are routinely patrolled by NWCC police.

How will I know if my housing application and deposit were received?
Upon receipt of a student’s housing application and deposit, the housing office sends a post card to the student acknowledging receipt of the application and deposit. This process may take up to 2 weeks depending on the student’s admission status.

What if I change my mind as to my roommate or residence hall choice?
The housing office understands that different things will occur that will affect a student to change their mind as to their residence hall preferences or requested roommate. The housing office will do their best to honor requests made prior to June 1st. Any requests made after June 1st, will be honored when possible. The most effective way to communicate these changes is via email to housing@northwestms.edu. The student should state their name, the change that they are requesting, and a contact phone number (should the office have any questions).

What do I do if I want a new roommate?
The first priority of The Housing Office is to make sure that all beds on-campus have been assigned. This is confirmed during the first 2 weeks of classes during the fall and spring semesters. During the third week of classes, any student who is requesting to move within their assigned residence hall would see their residence hall supervisor to assist them in coordinating the change. Any changes from one residence hall to another are coordinated through The Housing Office and based on the student’s status on the waiting lists.

How do I cancel my housing application?
If you do not plan to live in the residence halls, YOU MUST CANCEL your HOUSING application in writing no later than 4:30 p.m. on the first day of pre-registration completion for the semester in which you applied (fall deadline is August 7 and spring deadline is January 7). (It is greatly appreciated if you cancel sooner, so that a student who is on the waiting list may be contacted.) A request for cancellation may be emailed to: housing@northwestms.edu. All cancellations result in a refund of the student’s deposit less a $25 cancellation fee. If a student does not cancel by the above deadline, the entire deposit is forfeited.

How do I receive mail and packages?
The only way to receive mail and packages is to obtain a post office box. Post Office boxes may be rented through the campus Post Office located in the McClendon Student Center for $3.00 per semester.

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