Program Review


The purpose of the instructional program review and assessment is to provide a system for continuous improvement in instructional programs. An instructional program is defined as a certificate or degree program approved by the faculty and the administration, for which academic credit is given, in accordance with the SACS-COC Comprehensive Standard 3.4.1 description of a program. Programs are SYSTEM-WIDE and are not divided by campus. Review and assessment procedures provide recognition of the accomplishments of an instructional program as well as identify interventions needed for improvement of the program.

Each instructional program will be evaluated once in each five year period. An Instructional Program Review meeting will be held to provide a review committee an opportunity to discuss the documents, ask questions of the appropriate instructional program coordinators, and make any recommendations to the Academic Council for the improvement of the instructional programs. Programs are reviewed by major functional areas and/or locations whenever possible. Instructional programs that are offered on multiple campuses, or through distance learning, will be assessed as a single unit.

Criteria for Assessment
The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (OIR) will provide the instructional program coordinator with the following assessment materials:

  1. Program Strategic Plan Outcomes
  2. Program Learning Outcomes
  3. Enrollment
  4. Student Success Rates
  5. Faculty Roster

The instructional program coordinator should work with faculty members of program(s) under review to use the provided information to complete an analysis of their program. This analysis must include:

  1. SACS-COC Compliance Assessment
  2. SWOT Assessment
  3. Overall Assessment and Recommendations

The above program analysis must be completed and uploaded to your Microsoft SharePoint site. The OIR will provide each instructional review committee member with all assessment materials and program analysis components. In addition, each committee member will receive a copy of the NWCC bulletin with course descriptions and curricular components.

The OIR will produce a Program Assessment Report which includes committee recommendations for program improvement. The Program Assessment Report will be presented to the Vice President for Education, the Academic Council, and the Curriculum Committee for review.

Program Assessment Reports (Formerly known as Report of Findings):


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