Online Programs

The majors below can be completed fully online.

Academic Major Programs

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Technical Major Programs

What courses can I take online?
ACC 1213 Accounting I
ACC 1223 Accounting II
ACT 2913 HVAC Special Projects
ART 1113 Art Appreciation
ART 2713 Art History
BAD 1313 Business Math
BAD 2323 Business Statistics
BAD 2413 Legal Environment of Business
BAD 2713 Principles of Real Estate
BIO 1111 Principles of Biology I Lab
BIO 1113 Principles of Biology I
BIO 1123 Principles of Biology II
BIO 1211 Environmental Science Lab
BIO 1213 Environmental Science
BIO 1533 Survey of Anatomy and Phys. I
BIO 1613 Principles of Nutrition
BIO 2513 Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO 2523 Anatomy and Physiology II
BOA 2613 Business Communications
BOT 1013 Intro. to Keyboarding
BOT 1113 Docum., Formatting & Prod.
BOT 1123 Keyboard Skill Building
BOT 1133 Microcomputer Apps.
BOT 1143 Word Processing
BOT 1213 Professional Development
BOT 1313 Applied Business Math
BOT 1413 Records Management
BOT 1413 Records Management
BOT 1433 Business Accounting
BOT 1613 Med. Office Terminology I
BOT 1623 Med. Office Terminology II
BOT 1713 Mechanics of Comm.
BOT 1813 Electronic Spreadsheets
BOT 2133 Desktop Publishing
BOT 2323 Database Management
BOT 2413 Computerized Accounting
BOT 2643 CPT Coding
BOT 2653 ICD Coding .
BOT 2743 Medical Office Concepts
BOT 2813 Business Communications
BOT 2823 Communication Tech
CDT 1113 Early Childhood Professional
CDT 2714 Social Studies, Math & Science
CDT 2813 Adm of Pre-School Program
CHE 1311 Principles of Chemistry I Lab
CHE 1313 Principles of Chemistry
CPT 1323 Survey of Microcomputer Apps.
CRJ 1313 Intro to Criminal Justice
CRJ 1323 Police Administration and Org. I
CRJ 1363 Intro to Corrections
CRJ 1373 Intro. to Homeland Security
CRJ 2313 Police Operations
CRJ 2323 Criminal Law
CRJ 2333 Criminal Investigation
CRJ 2513 Juvenile Justice
CRJ 2713 Foundation of Terrorism
CSC 1113 Computer Concepts
CSC 1123 Computer Applications I
CSC 1213 Basic Programming
CSC 1223 Visual Basic Programming II
CSC 2623 Computer Programming II
ECO 2113 Principles of Macro Econ. I
ECO 2123 Principles of Micro Econ. II
ENG 0113 Beginning English
ENG 1113 English Composition I
ENG 1123 English Composition II
ENG 2143 Creative Writing II
ENG 2223 American Literature I
ENG 2233 American Literature II
ENG 2323 British Literature I
ENG 2333 British Literature II
ENG 2423 World Literature I
ENG 2433 World Literature II
ENG 2513 Survey of Afro-American Lit.
EPY 2533 Human Growth & Dev.
FCS 1253 Principles of Nutrition
GEO 1113 Geography
HIS 2213 American History I
HIS 2223 American History II
HPR 1213 Health
HRT 1123 Hospitality & Tourism Industry
HRT 1410 Rooms Division Mgmt. Lab
HRT 1413 Front Office Procedures
IST 1133 Fund of Data Comm.
IST 1143 Security Principles and Policies
IST 1154 Web Development Concepts
LET 1113 Intro to Legal Systems
LET 1213 Legal Research
LET 1513 Family Law
LET 1523 Wills & Estates
LET 2313 Civil Litigation
LLS 1321 Career Exploration
LLS 1411 Improvement of Study
MAT 1213 College Mathematics
MAT 1233 Intermediate Algebra
MAT 1313 College Algebra
MAT 1323 Trigonometry
MAT 1343 Pre-Calculus
MAT 1513 Business Calculus I
MAT 1523 Business Calculus II
MAT 1613 Calculus I
MAT 1723 Real Number System
MAT 1733 Geometry Measurement & Probability
MAT 2323 Statistics
MFL 1213 Spanish I
MFL 1223 Spanish II
MMT 2313 E-Commerce Marketing
MMT 2423 Retail Management
MUS 1113 Music Appreciation
PHI 1113 Old Testament Survey
PHI 1133 New Testament Survey
PHI 2113 Intro. to Philosophy
PHY 1111 Astronomy Lab
PHY 1113 Astronomy
PHY 2241 Physical Science I Lab
PHY 2243 Physical Science I
PHY 2251 Physical Science II (Lab)
PHY 2253 Physical Science II
PSC 1113 American Government
PSY 1513 General Psychology I
PSY 1523 General Psychology II
SOC 2113 Intro. to Sociology
SOC 2123 Intro. to Sociology II
SOC 2133 Social Problems
SOC 2143 Marriage & The Family
SPT 1113 Public Speaking I
SWK 1113 Social Work: A Helping Profession

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