Required Coursebooks

Most courses have coursebooks that are required to complete the course. The books are usually available from the Northwest Bookstore. You should enter the year, semester and your instructor’s last name on the next screen, and part of your course name. The books will be displayed, including the price of each book. See the example below.

NWCC eBook Initiative for the Spring 2017 Term

If your course is all digital:

You are NOT REQUIRED to purchase a book.

Your electronic textbook will be available through CANVAS on the FIRST day of class.  This eBook can be accessed at any time after downloading it to your device, even when you have no Internet connection.  You may also print information from this eBook if you wish using the App available for download within CANVAS.

You will be assessed the fee shown in the table below when you complete your registration.

IF you would like a hard copy of the entire textbook, there will be black and white loose-bound books available for purchase in the Bookstore.

COURSE eBook FEE 2016-2017
BIO2513-A&P I, Lecture $92.00
BIO2513-A&P II, Lecture $92.00
BIO2511-A&P II, Lab $80.00
ECO2113-Principles of Macroeconomics $80.00
ECO2123-Principles of Microeconomics $80.00
EPY2533-Human Growth & Development $80.00
HPR1213-Health $80.00
LET1113-Introduction to the Law $100.00
LET 1513-Family Law $100.00
LET1523-Wills & Estates $100.00
LET 1713-Legal Writing $100.00
LET2313-Civil Litigation I $100.00
LET2323-TORTS $100.00
LET2333-Civil Litigation II $100.00
LET2453-Real Property I $100.00
LET2463-Real Property II $100.00
LLS1423-Student Success $60.00
NUR1117-Nursing I $410.00
NUR1318-Adult Health I $270.00
NUR2128-Maternal-Child Nursing $144.00
NUR2318-Adult Health II $144.00

Important Note

Digital materials fees will not be credited to your account if you withdraw from the course any time after the drop/add period, as defined in the Northwest Bulletin for the term.