Disability Services

Procedures for Obtaining Disability Services/ Accommodations
Students with disabilities will find that NWCC administration, faculty, and staff  will readily assist their needs. The Disability Support Services Office(DSSO) works with faculty and other members of the College to provide individualized accommodations and support services while promoting student responsibility and self- advocacy.  It is the student’s responsibility to make known a need for accommodations and services by providing appropriate documentation of the disability to the  DSSO. Forms and contact information are listed at the bottom of this page.

Students Applying for Admission
Applicants with disabilities wishing to enroll at Northwest must follow the admission procedure in the current Bulletin.  Students may make inquiries to the Registrar, 4975 Highway 51 North, Northwest Mississippi Community College, Senatobia, MS 38668 or by calling (662) 562-3219. Applicants who desire any admissions modifications must request them on the form, Student Request for Reasonable Accommodations/Modifications, available at the Disability Services Office housed in Tate Hall on the Senatobia campus. Applicants are not required to indicate whether they have a disability on the Admission’s application form.

Enrolled Students
Students with disabilities who are accepted for admission are advised to contact the Disability Support Services Office as soon as possible regarding disabilities that might require accommodations. Early identification of disabilities of accepted applicants is strongly encouraged, so that adequate time is allowed for evaluating documentation, working out specific accommodations, arranging scheduling in barrier-free classrooms, arranging funding for auxiliary services, and providing accommodations for orientation. Last minute requests for accommodations may not be readily met because of the time required to make such arrangements.

1. Students with disabilities who require accommodations must seek assistance at the Disability Support Services Office. This should be done prior to the start of classes or as soon as possible.  Students must request accommodations on the application form, Student Request for Reasonable Accommodations/Modifications.

2. Students with disabilities must provide documentation of the disability and how it limits or impacts their participation in courses, programs, services, jobs, activities, and facilities at Northwest.  Physical disabilities require a qualifying medical diagnosis.  Learning disabilities require psychoeducational testing and an accompanying summary report.  ADHD and psychiatric disorders require a current psychological evaluation.  All testing must have been within a three-year period prior to the date the application for services is received.  The specific disability must be identified in the documentation with recommendations for accommodations. A qualified and licensed professional must have administered all testing. (A note on a prescription pad is not acceptable.)

3. After a student has self-identified and provided documentation to our office, the submitted documentation is reviewed by a Committee for requested accommodations on a case-by-case basis.  This review generally results in one of three main outcomes: (A) disability verified and approved (current appropriate information was received with sufficient information to confirm diagnosis and provide support for appropriate accommodations); (B) further information required (current appropriate information was not received to confirm diagnosis or appropriate accommodations); (C) disability not verified or approved (current appropriate information was received; however, the student does not meet the criteria for diagnosis with a disabling condition).

Once approved, instructors will receive letter/notice from the Disability Support Services Office regarding the requested accommodations of the application reviewed.

Forms for Obtaining Disability Services

Service/Support Animals


Contact Information

Missy Kelsay, Disability Support Services Coordinator – Senatobia campus Student Development Center. Phone 662-562-3309 eMail mkelsay@northwestms.edu

He is housed on the Senatobia campus within the Student Development Center.

Patsy Gardner

Patsy Gardner, CTE Support Services Coordinator – DeSoto Center Room 307 /Olive Branch. Phone 662-280-6193

Ms. Gardner came to Desoto Center in this capacity in July 2011.  She offers support to the Career Technical Programs – specifically special populations’ students, provides support to students with disabilities, and oversees the main tutoring lab at Desoto Center.  She also has a combination of eight years’ prior experience in Financial Aid and Tech Prep at Northwest in Senatobia, six years teaching experience in Tate County, as well as 20 years’ experience in the corporate world.

Michael Butts, CTE Student Support Coordinator – Oxford Center, Room 105. Phone:  662-238-7951

Suzette Logan Suzette Logan

Suzette Logan, CTE Student Services Coordinator – Oxford Center, Room 105. Phone 662-238-7952

Article for Further Reading:

Making Accommodations: The Legal World of Students with Disabilities    “Everybody Benefits When Colleges Serve Students with Disabilities”  By Paul D. Grossman

Web site Assistance

If you are a person with a disability who is having difficulty accessing information on this website, please contact  our webmaster, Mr. Ray Sharpe at 662-562-5353 or rsharpe@northwestms.edu.

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