Twitter Style Book Reviews

Using the Twitter style, create a short book review that hints at the story without giving too much of the story away.  Explain how the book relates to your life or what you learned from the story. At the end, tell whether or not you liked the book and add the appropriate emoticon or star *** rating out of five.






If you cannot say something in 250 characters or less, then it is not worth saying.  Paring a review down to 250 characters and a rating really forces reviewers to get to the essential appeal or flaw of the work being reviewed — AND it’s a challenge.

1.   Think:
* What did you like about the book?
* What do you think other people might enjoy about the book?
2.   Write:
Now it’s really time to get going!  Here are the things that you MUST include in your Twitter book review:
* The title of the book
* One sentence synopsis
* How the book related to your life OR what lesson you learned from the book?
* Why you did or did not like the book?
3.   Do a Word Count
Write your book review in a Microsoft Word document first.  This will help you with spelling, grammar, and word count.  Remember:  You must spell out all words. (ex: NO ur OMG, h8 etc.)
4.   Fill out the Form to Submit your Book Review

Twitter Style Book Review Form

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