Online Proctored Exam Information

All online courses are required to give 1 or 2 proctored exams. You MUST make arrangements to come to the scheduled date and time your instructor has indicated for the exams. Only in emergency cases will you be allowed to take an exam at an alternate time with a NWCC approved proctor. The NWCC approved proctor is only located on the Senatobia Campus.

Where Do I go to take my test?

Your instructor will announce the time and location of your proctored exams. You need to try to make these times. For directions to campus and a map of the Senatobia campus please click on the link below.

If you cannot make the time and location your instructor specified you may be able to test with the eLearning Proctor. You must get permission from your instructor to test with the eLearning Proctor. The eLearning Proctor tests every weekday from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM on the Senatobia Campus in the Tate building lab 201. To test with the eLearning Proctor you have to make an appointment. Details on making an appointment are below. If you live out of state arrangements can be made for you to test at a local testing center. Please contact the eLearning Proctor at 662-560-5259 to make arrangements to test out of state.

What do I need to bring to my test?

You MUST have a photo ID at the time of testing or you will not be allowed to take the exam. You need to bring any extra materials you may need for your exam (pencil, calculator, headphones, etc.).

How do I schedule an appointment?

Your instructor will announce a date, time, and location for your tests. If you want to test at the date and time your instructor provided, you need to send an email to your instructor letting them know you plan to attend that testing session.

If you cannot test with your instructor you can test with the eLearning Proctor. Please remember to schedule an appointment with the eLearning proctor only if you cannot take the exam at the date, time and location your instructor has scheduled. You must have your instructor’s permission to take the exam at an alternate time. Alternate times will only be available at the Senatobia Campus. The eLearning Proctor is located on the Senatobia campus in Tate 201.

How to make an appointment using Appointment Quest:

If it is your first time to make an online appointment using Appointment Quest, you will first need to create a personal account. After selecting the “Click Here” to make your appointment, choose the log in button in the top right corner of the Appointment Quest page. Choose “Quick Sign Up” and create your account. Be sure to save your user name and password you have created in order to change, reschedule, cancel or make another appointment in the future. You will then be directed to a calendar to choose the date and the time you would like for your exam. Please keep in mind that all exams scheduled through appointment quest will be given on the Senatobia Campus only! You will be given a confirmation number after your appointment has been made. You will also receive an e-mail with the confirmation information and also a reminder the day before the appointment.

If you have made an appointment using Appointment Quest in the past, choose “log in” in the top right corner of the program and enter the user name and password you received after making your previous appointment. By doing this, you will help us by not creating multiple accounts in the system and will help us to locate your appointment quickly. If you cannot remember the user name and password from your previous appointment, please call the eLearning office at 662-560-5230 or 662-560-5259 and we will be glad to retrieve that information for you.

Click here to make your appointment.