Online Proctored Exam Information

Online Proctored Exam Information
All online courses will have 1 or 2 proctored exams. Your exam must be scheduled with your instructor. Only in emergency cases will you be allowed to take an exam at an alternate time with the NWCC eLearning proctor. The NWCC eLearning proctor is only located on the Senatobia Campus. 

Where do I go to take my exam?
Your instructor will announce the time and location of the exam. For directions to campus and a map of the Senatobia campus please click on the link here:

How do I schedule an appointment for my exam?
Your instructor will announce a date, time, and location for your tests. If you want to test at the date and time your instructor provided, your instructor will provide instructions on how to schedule to test with them. 

What do I need to bring to my exam?
You MUST have a photo ID at the time of testing or you will not be allowed to take the exam. You need to bring any extra materials you may need for your exam (pencil, calculator, headphones, etc.).

What if I need to schedule an exam with the NWCC eLearning proctor?
If you cannot make the time and location your instructor specified you may be able to test with the NWCC eLearning proctor. The NWCC eLearning proctor is only available on the Senatobia Campus. The NWCC eLearning proctor tests Monday through Friday on the Senatobia Campus in the Tate building lab 201. To test with the NWCC eLearning proctor you must make an appointment. Details on making an appointment are below.

Out-of-State Students
If you live out of state, arrangements can be made for you to test at a local testing center. Please contact the NWCC eLearning proctor at 662-560-5259 to make those arrangements.

Northwest Students: How to make an appointment using SmarterProctoring
If you are a Northwest student and cannot test at the designated time provided by your instructor, you can schedule a time to test with the NWCC eLearning proctor. To do this, go into your Canvas course and clicking on the SmarterProctoring link located in the Navigation pane on the left side of the page.  The first time you enter SmarterProctoring you must register by filling out the SmarterProctoring registration form. You will then be launched into your “Learner Dashboard.”  At the “Learner Dashboard” you will see each of your exams listed for that course.  To schedule a testing session click “Select Proctor.” You will see the options of testing that are approved for your course. After scheduling your exam you can see the details (allowed items, duration, scheduled time, etc.) of your exam in the exam box.  If you have selected to test with a proctor, then you will need to meet the proctor at their location to take the exam.  Once arriving the proctor will have all of the necessary information to proctor your exam. For more detailed instructions click here:

NWCC SmarterProctoring Instructions for MSVCC students in Canvas

If you have any questions or trouble scheduling please click the “help” button within SmarterProctoring and we will respond as soon as possible.

Please keep in mind that the NWCC eLearning proctor is only located on the Senatobia campus!

University Students- how to make an appointment:

Contact the eLearning proctor by email or phone to schedule an appointment