Division of Business

Division of BusinessThe Division of Business offers several programs of study that provide a solid educational foundation if you plan to transfer to a senior institution. Business majors will utilize the modern computer labs to get hands-on experience using the most up-to-date software applications.


  • Accountancy builds the essential skills and background to successfully transfer into accountancy degree programs at four-year colleges and universities.
  • Business Administration is intended for students who are interested in various areas of management, marketing, information systems, and sales and seek to develop the skills necessary to enter a bachelor’s degree program in business.
  • Business and Computer Teacher Educationis designed to prepare students to teach business-related subjects at the high-school level after completing a bachelor’s degree.
  • Computer Management Information Systems provides a variety of courses that focus on the use of computers in business and computer concepts/techniques, supported by work in computer labs.
  • Computer Science students explore the central processes that allow computer systems to obtain, store and disseminate information.
  • Marketing Communications/Public Relations Management  is intended for students who are interested in public relations, reputation management, newspaper management, broadcast management, or magazine publishing. This program will transfer to the University of Mississippi, leading to the Bachelor of Business Administration degree.
  • Office Administration is designed for students who wish to continue their study in office administration or information management at a senior college or enter the job market.
  • Pre-Health Information Management is designed for the student to take the first two years of course work at Northwest Mississippi Community College and apply to The University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson for junior and senior years of course work.