Facility Booking Forms

Northwest Campus Facilities Booking

The Activities Committee, appointed by the President, is responsible for approving the scheduling of meetings and activities in campus facilities. The committee meets weekly during the regular academic year. The committee reserves the right to reject any activity or to recommend charges for the use of a facility or fees for other services. For current charges, call Sharon Self at 662-562-3968.

All facilities are designated SMOKE FREE. This includes, but is not limited to, all buildings, grounds, parking lots, sidewalks, indoor and outdoor athletic and intramural facilities and college owned vehicles and machinery. It is the responsibility of any group using NWCC facilities to inform their guests of this policy and ensure to the best of their ability that the policy is enforced. Failure to advise and implement the no smoking policy while using NWCC facilities may result in loss of use of facilities.

A sponsoring agency is responsible for the conduct of its guests and adherence to campus, state, and federal rules and regulations.

You should first call the building supervisor to schedule your event and verify availability. Phone numbers for the building supervisors are on the Activity Request Forms below.There are 3 forms – please use the appropriate form for your request.

  1. The Haraway Activity Form only,
  2. The McLendon Center Request only,
  3. All other NWCC facilities Form

The written request must contain the approval of the building supervisor prior to being submitted to the Activities Committee for action. An email from the building supervisor to sself@northwestms.edu  or a phone call to Sharon Self at 662-562-3968 can be used in lieu of the signature.

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