Student Support FAQ

I need a tutor for my class. How do I get a tutor?
Student Support Services has tutors available for participants in the program. Tutors are available for developmental and general education core courses. To receive tutorial services, participants must fill out a Tutor Request Form. When funds and qualified tutors are available, participants are assigned a tutor on a first-come, first-served basis. Tutoring sessions take place in the SSS learning lab or a pre-arranged location.

Do I have to be in SSS to receive tutoring or other services that they offer?
Yes.  You must have completed paperwork on file in our office as an SSS participant to receive tutoring.

Do you hire students as tutors?
Yes. Students are hired as tutors for our participants.  Interested students must exhibit academic excellence in equivalent courses and/or excellent ACT scores.   A Tutor Application/Financial Aid Verification Form must be completed and submitted to the SSS Office. If positions are available and you are approved by the NWCC Financial Aid Office, you will be contacted by the SSS Office Manager.

What services and activities does Student Support Services provide to participants?
Student Support Services provides academic counseling, personal counseling, pre-advisement, tutorial services, assistance with various offices and departments on campus, academic and cultural events (on and off campus), workshops, learning laboratory, and the opportunity to build social ties and network.

Are all students eligible for Student Support Services?
No. Student Support Services is a federally funded TRIO program established to assist first-generation and/or low-income or students with disabilities in reaching their educational goals. To participate in the program, each student must first complete an application form. An assessment of the student’s ability to benefit from services is completed once the application is received. Our program is limited to 160 participants. Applicants may be placed on a waiting list to ensure maximum participation.

What does first-generation mean?
First generation means that neither parent has a four-year college degree. First-generation is one of the eligibility requirements for SSS. First-generation status can also be determined based on the status of only the primary legal guardian. First-generation college students are more likely to have not been exposed to information about college and how the processes of an academic environment function.

How is low-income determined?
Low-income is based on guidelines published by the U. S. Department of Education each year. Students are required to have adequate documentation on file in the Financial Aid Office before selection based on the low-income criteria can be made.

How is a disability status determined?
Students must provide official documentation to the SSS Counselor or be registered with the Disabilities Coordinator for NWCC.

Does SSS offer any scholarships?
Yes.  SSS provides a grant aid scholarship annually during the spring semester.  Participants must apply for the scholarship and meet the requirements.

Where can I apply for Student Support Services?
Application forms are available in Student Support Services office located in the McLendon Union Building, 2nd Floor, Room 202.  Office hours are M-F 8:00 – 4:30 p.m. You are invited to call, email, or schedule a visit with any SSS staff member.


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