Work Study


What is Work-Study? The work-study program provides on-campus jobs for students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses. Click here for a printable work-study application. Positions are available in various locations on campus. See below for job descriptions list.

How much will I make?
Your work-study wages will be $7.25 per hour for the 2014-2015 school year. The school will pay you directly at least once a month. It is the student’s responsibility to present their student identification card to pick up their check from the Business Office or endorse it to the school to credit their account. Click here for a printable pay schedule.

Can I work as many hours as I want?
No. The amount you earn cannot exceed your total work-study award. Awards can range from 30 – 40 hours per month. When awarding work-study, all financial aid (scholarships, loans, grants, etc.) is considered. Not everyone who applies will qualify. Work-study must go to eligible housed students first. Click here for a printable timesheet.

How do I apply for work-study?
You must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and indicate you are interested in work-study.

What if I am awarded work-study?
Students awarded work-study must complete paperwork with signatures from student and supervisor. You must provide a copy of your drivers’ license or student identification card and social security card or birth certificate BEFORE you can start work. You will have two weeks to provide this information. If not provided in that time frame, your work-study will be removed. If you are awarded and choose to decline the award, you must notify the Financial Aid Office immediately.

Please click below for an application, pay schedule or time sheets.

Federal Work Study Job Application - a new application is coming soon.

Printable Work-study pay schedule

Printable Work-study time sheet

Summary of Federal Work Study Jobs 


ABE/GED – DC (1) Tutoring students from foreign countries in reading and English, when the schedules can be worked out, and helping with office work.
AUTOMOTIVE TECH INSTRUCTOR (1) Answer the phone and do light paperwork and filing.
BIOLOGY INSTRUCTOR – DC Filing, making copies, and grading lab quizzes.
BOOKSTORE (6) To stock the shelves, clean and straighten merchandises, help customers find items and other duties that arise in the day to day operation of the bookstore.
BUSINESS INSTUCTOR (1) Perform light office duties (grading, mail pick-up and sorting, filing, shredding, greeting visitors, etc.)
BUSINESS OFFICE – DC (2) Filing, making copies, shredding papers, faxing, answering the telephone and taking messages and other duties as assigned. This area of the college is open and accessible to the community.
BUSINESS INSTRUCTORS – DC (3) Reception, answering the telephone, filing, posting information on bulletin boards, duplicating, filling out paperwork, helping with Phi Theta Kappa invitations and receptions; general office duties.
CHILD CARE Students in this area are closely supervised in the caring of young children and perform such duties as tending to the children on the playground. This area of the college is open and accessible to the community.
COLLISION REPAIR (2) Answering the phone, taking messages, grading tests and homework.
COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS (2) Various secretarial duties, monitor labs, assist students in lab.
CONTINUING EDCUATION (1) Answering the phone, running errands, light typing and filing, and other duties as requested.
COSMETOLOGY Perform general office duties. This area of the college is open and accessible to the community.
CRIMINAL JUSTICE (1) Grade papers, file, and answer the telephone.
DISTANCE LEARNING (2) Help file, check mail, answer telephone when needed, check rosters for online students, computer skills necessary to help with online record keeping.
EDUCATION (6) Typing lessons, tests, and work sheets, grades papers, and filing and secretarial duties.
EMT (1) File, type, pick-up mail, straighten supply room, answer telephone and take messages.
ENGLISH (3) Running errands, typing and filing, making sure whiteboards in classrooms are cleaned on a regular basis.
FINANCIAL AID (6) Typing, filing, running errands, and compiling large mail-outs. This area of the college is open and accessible to the community.
FINE ARTS (5) Organization of music library, physical maintenance of choir room, secretarial skills, assist in organization and running of high school choral events on campus, assist in producing annual Madrigal Dinner, and help complete paperwork relating to the various productions. Scan download slides/images for art history, help to maintain ceramic room, simple routine cleaning and organization, and assist instructors with simple tasks.
FOOD SERVICE (30) Line servers, keeping dining area and kitchen area clean. Meet the general public.
FOUNDATION (2) Data entry, run errands in and around town as well as Memphis, special events (weekends and evenings), Special mailings and other assigned duties as they occur.
HELP DESK (2) Will need to be able to speak clearly, answer the phone, and take detailed messages. Computer knowledge is also helpful.
HOTEL & RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT (2)Assist with labs and with office work such as filing, grading tests, etc.
HOUSING (95) Maintain office when supervisor is out, answer the telephone in a professional manner, take down work orders and to hang and take down flyers in suites for students. Help with room check and open dorm, keep down noise, clean off desk, shut blinds, lock doors, clean microwaves, and other assigned duties.
HUMAN RESOURCES (1) Pick up and delivery of mail for Personnel, Vice President of Educational Affairs, College President, Computer Center, and Administrative Assistant to the President, filing for payroll and personnel, running errands, answer the phone, assist in the preparation of Policy Manual assembly, and other duties as assigned.
INTRAMURALS (15) Assist the Manager of Recreation and Intramurals Sports, set-up, officiating, score keeping, clock management, and breakdown of the venue. Supervise the recreation area within and around the Union gymnasium, including the fitness center, Ranger Den and the billiards room. They will be checking for valid school IDs, checking in and out recreational equipment, and handling money in the billiards room. Health/Physical Education majors suggested for these position.
LIBRARY (2/3) Demonstrate an ability to apply alphanumeric reasoning for our specific filing systems, physically load, move, and unload mobile book trucks weighing between 75 & 125 lbs. Place material on upper and lower shelves, work a flexible schedule, ultimately being available to retrieve mail about 11:30 a.m., and carry between 20 & 25 lbs. from Union building to the library.
LIBRARY – DC (5) Shelving books, processing books, light dusting and cleaning, receiving and sorting mail, duties requested by the Computer Lab technician such as: putting paper in the printers and, helping students use the copy machine and computers.
MATH & COMPUTER – DC (2) Typing using text processing software; filing, organizing files and folders in the office and the other responsibilities as needed.
MATH LAB (4) They must have passed (done well) in College Algebra or a higher math class. Their duties will be tutoring students in math classes.
MEDICAL OFFICE INSTRUCTOR (1) Computer lab supervisor, pick up mail and library materials.
POST OFFICE (2/3) Sort mail, put mail up, run meter machine, and work window. This area of the college is open and accessible to the community.
PUBLIC RELATIONS (2) Office assistant – filing, clipping and archiving news releases. Journalism student assistant – student assistant for student publications.
RECRUITING (4) Campus tours, mass mail-outs, phone-a-thon, office duties, orientation leaders, pick-ups and deliveries, College Day Program, and Student Recruiter Meetings (2) per semester.
REGISTRAR Perform general office duties; which could include filing, typing and running errands. This area of the college is open and accessible to the community.
SCIENCE (5) Copying, grading, stapling, and assisting in the Science Lab. Filing, some computer work, working in the Herbarium and organizing the lab. Assisting with lab prep-making media, pickup mail, running errands, and keeping the lab neat and tidy.
SCIENCE – DC (3) Help prep the biology and chemistry labs.
SECURITY (2)  Answering the telephone, entering traffic tickets in the computer system, and assisting with sale of parking decals. This area of the college is open and accessible to the community.
SECURITY – DC (1) Data entry, prepare “28 Lists”, assist in identifying vehicles driven by students from NCIC printouts, attach dismissed and voided tickets to original in ticket books and compile a list of same, assist in the Information Center by issuing/selling parking decals, creating and issuing student ID cards, monitor surveillance cameras, and greet visitors and dispense information. This area of the college is open and accessible to the community.
SPANISH – DC (1) A native Spanish speaker to assist for intermediate level classes.
SPECIAL POPULATION (1) Type (good computer skills are a must), get mail for Career Technical Division, and run errands around campus.
SPECIAL POPULATION – DC (1) Transcribing notes for disabled students.
STUDENT ACTIVITIES – (3/4) Help set up for events, check student ID’s at the door of events, paint signs, make copies and hang flyers, organize and inventory cheerleading uniforms.
STUDENT AFFAIRS – (1) Student works under the supervision of the housing department supervisor and help maintain student records and perform other office duties.
STUDENT DEVELOPMENT CENTER (2) Mass mailing (early alert letters), filing, sending recruiting post cards and light phone duty.
STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES (2) Filing and other duties assigned. This area of the college is open and accessible to the community.
STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES Students employed in this area are expected to perform general office duties and assist disabled students to and from classes if needed. This area of the college is open and accessible to the community.   WELDING – (2) File, get quotes on materials, type letters on the computer, order materials, answer phone, straightening office, fill out forms, e-mail forms to NW offices, taking and keeping track of purchases for the shop.
WIA (2) Answer phones, file, file searches, follow-up phone calls, other clerical duties as assigned, typing, and assisting clients.
ATHLETIC- FOOTBALL (4) Assisting with sports medicine duties such as pre-practice treatments, taping, wrapping, splinting, organizing medical kits, water and Powerade for the field. Be on site for practice to assist with medical treatment, taping, stretching, post practice treatment and returning all items used for practice such as medical kits, coolers and maintain the cleanliness of the training room before and after practice.
MEN’S BASKETBALL (5) Duties that include but are not limited to: filming games, filming practice, washing uniforms, keeping up with equipment inventory, sweeping playing surface, possible some team travel, and other misc. duties. One student to help with general office work and organization (phone, keeping files. etc.)
SOCCER (2) Help coaches with soccer teams, prepare water, set-up field, line the field, etc.
BASEBALL(1) Care and maintenance of baseball grounds, up-keep of baseball laundry and dressing room.
SOFTBALL Help prepare field for games, keep scorebook.
WOMEN’S BASKETBALL Keep gym floor clean, wash uniforms, and clean dressing room.