Music Business/Industry

Music Business

The curriculum provides instruction designed to prepare a student for a career in the music business. Satisfactory completion of this curriculum entitles the student to the Associate of Arts degree.

What can I expect from a career in Music Business?

Potential careers include electronic production and design, which includes audio engineering, mastering, mixing, music directing, producing, program directing, programming, recording engineer, studio manager and MIDI technician; event production, management, planning and technology; marketing; media development; music for game development; music online and print magazine writing, editing and publishing; music web producer; recording, which includes research, publicity, marketing, public relations and sales; sound technician, including sound design and sound operator and tours or road work, including road manager, sound technician, tour coordinator or tour publicist.


At this time Delta State University, University of Southern Mississippi and The University of Memphis offer bachelor’s degrees in music industry. Due to the varied requirements of the schools of music at the senior institutions, the programs may be adjusted to comply with the requirements of the school where the students are transferring.  Aside from the core requirements for the associate degree, students will need to take some business courses and  basic computer skills for musicians, computer recording I and II and audio engineering I and II.

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