LPN Challenge

 Application Form  |  Plan of Study  |  LPN-RN Transition Packet

Thank you for your interest in the Northwest Mississippi Community College School of Nursing.

As an LPN seeking advanced placement in the Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Program, you must meet the following requirements to be eligible for the LPN Challenge Exam:

(1)  Applicant must have passed NCLEX‑PN as shown by submitting proof of their LPN Licensure to the NWCC Nursing Division.  This license must be active and unrestricted.

(2) Applicant must have completed applications to NWCC and NWCC Division of Nursing, including all transcripts. Applicant must meet all admission criteria to NWCC & NWCC Division of Nursing.

(3) Applicant must have an enhanced ACT composite score of 18 or above.

(4) Applicant must have applicable Kaplan scores within 5 points of the national average.

*See Nursing Information Packet for information regarding the Kaplan Admission Test and scheduling of a test date.

(5) Applicant must have a GPA of 2.0 or above on courses required in the nursing curriculum.

(6)  Applicant must submit a written recommendation letter from his/her nursing supervisor OR from a nursing faculty member from the school of practical nursing attended (if not employed).  This letter should be written on facility/institution letterhead.

(7) Applicant must have completed A&P I /Lab and A&P II/ Lab with a “C” or better within the last 7 years.

(8) Applicant must have completed College Algebra with a “C” or better OR have Math ACT score of 19 or above (no time limit on course).

(9) Applicant must have completed with a “C” or better all pre-requisite courses as outlined in the LPN Challenge plan of study.

(10) Applicant must be deemed eligible for the LPN Challenge by the LPN Challenge Committee.

LPN’s who meet the above criteria are eligible to take the LPN Challenge Examination.  If successful, the LPN receives credit for freshman, first semester nursing courses as listed in the nursing curriculum (NRS 1117‑ Fundamentals in Nursing and NRS 1211‑ Pharmacology).  The student is then eligible to be enrolled in the freshman, second semester nursing course as listed in the nursing curriculum (NRS 1129- Medical-Surgical Nursing), space permitting.  If successful in passing the Challenge exam, the LPN must enter the Nursing Program within one calendar year or his/her eligibility to enroll directly into NRS 1129 is forfeited.

The above requirements must be met no later than September 30th for the Spring Semester and no later than February 28th for the Fall Semester.  All records must be in the nursing office by this date.  The LPN Challenge Committee will review all records and notify the applicant in writing regarding eligibility to participate in the LPN Challenge.  If eligible, the applicant must contact the Nursing Division office at least one week prior to the exam date to reserve a space. The applicant may write the Division of Nursing at 4975 Hwy. 51 North, Drawer 7009, Senatobia, MS  38668, or call at 662‑562‑3283.


  1. Kaplan Computerized Exam – FUNDAMENTALS OF NURSING
  2. Pencil/paper Exam- Pharmacology DOSAGE CALCUATIONS

Pass = Applicant Score is at or above current National Average on the Kaplan FUNDAMENTALS  exam and 78 or above (out of a possible 100 points) on the PHARMACOLOGY exam.

*Practice materials for these exams will be provided by the LPN Challenge Committee.

*Applicant must pass BOTH exams in order to successfully complete this portion of the LPN Challenge.


Once BOTH of the above exams are passed, the applicant must pass the practicum examination.  This exam will include fundamental nursing skills that will be demonstrated in the presence of (2) RN Instructors (one Freshman I level instructor and one Freshman II level instructor).  Each skill should be demonstrated according to the text, Fundamentals of Nursing, by Craven et al (current edition.).  This and other reference textbooks are available for use in the Division of Nursing Lab.   A skills review guide is also available and will be provided to students who progress to the practicum examination.

REQUIRED CLINICAL SKILLS (see addendum):  The applicant will have 15 minutes to successfully demonstrate each skill in the presence of (2) Division of Nursing faculty.  Each skill must be demonstrated satisfactorily in order to pass the practicum exam.  If an applicant fails one or more of these skills, he/she will have the opportunity to re-check that skill on another day in the presence of (2) Division of Nursing faculty.  Failure to pass these skills the second time will result in failure of the LPN Challenge for NRS 1117.


Please note: The Division of Nursing Lab is open Monday- Friday from 8 a.m.to 3:30 p.m. for use of reference materials, equipment, practice time, and/or viewing videos if desired.  The Nursing Clinical Skills Lab Coordinator, Monica Williams, should be contacted for an appointment prior to coming to the Nursing Lab. She may be reached by calling 562-3289 or by email, mwilliams@northwestms.edu.


Kaplan Entrance Test – $50 (money order ONLY) paid at the time of scheduling the test (*see Nursing Information Packet)

LPN Challenge Exam – $100 paid in the NWCC Business Office any time prior to the LPN Challenge Exam (paid receipt and a photo ID must be presented for entrance to the written challenge exams).


Each applicant will have no more than TWO opportunities to participate in the LPN Challenge examination.  Should the applicant not satisfactorily complete ALL portions of the challenge on the first attempt, the applicant may repeat the LPN Challenge one time, beginning the NEXT entry period.  If a student does not pass ALL portions of the challenge on the second attempt, the student will NOT be eligible to take the challenge again.  NOTE:  Eligibility to participate in the LPN Challenge does NOT guarantee admission into the Nursing Program.  All unsuccessful LPN Challenge applicants will be considered by the Admissions Committee on a competitive basis with ALL other program applicants.

If you have questions or need further assistance, please call the Division of Nursing office at 662-562-3283.

Rev. Feb 2014