Horticulture is designed to provide the student with the first two years of the four-year program at Mississippi State University leading to the Bachelor of Science in floriculture and ornamental horticulture or floral management.

Floriculture and ornamental horticulture is the science and art of producing, distributing, marketing, and using flowers, flowering and foliage plants, and woody ornamental landscape plants. It offers a wide variety of employment opportunities. Students who successfully complete this curriculum are eligible for the Associate of Arts degree.

Bachelor’s degree programs provide a strong background in horticulture and other natural sciences, such as botany, chemistry or biology. These programs may include concentrated studies within the horticulture major, including landscaping, crop farming or environmental management. Graduate programs usually take 2-3 years of study and research to complete and require students to focus on a specific horticultural specialty. Specialized electives and concentrations include horticultural biology, landscape architecture, soil science or viticulture.

What can I expect from a career in Horticulture?
Horticulture specialists, also called horticulturalists, are plant specialists who create gardens and other plant landscapes. Using specialized knowledge about plants and flowers, they maintain and preserve these landscapes, as well as nurseries and greenhouses, throughout the year. Horticulture businesses include florist shops, plant nurseries, greenhouses and landscaping firms.

A Horticultural supervisor is responsible for overseeing the cultivation and planting of different types of crops and plants. Supervisors may also be responsible for developing a staff to work on these different plants, turf and shrubs. Horticultural Supervisors also maintain and repair equipment and deliver presentations on safety to interested groups and individuals. Horticultural Supervisors inspect plants for damage and diseases, which will determine any potential landscaping problems. Being a Supervisor means that individuals will have to prepare reports and take care of any administrative duties that employers assign them.

How much can I earn? What is the job outlook?

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