Application for Admission

***Please note that Although Northwest has an “open door” admissions policy, there are procedures all students must follow in order to receive a Certificate of Admission. The following must be on file in the Registrar’s Office in order to register for classes: A completed Northwest Application for Admission An official copy of a transcript from an accredited high school that includes a graduation date and signature of school official. An official copy of GED scores (if applicable). An official copy of college or military transcript(s) from ALL colleges attended. An official copy of ACT or SAT scores (ACT required for Mississippi residents).

If you have any questions about Application for Admission please contact the Registrar’s office. Telephone: (662) 562-3219 or (662) 562-3220.

Some programs at Northwest have special admissions requirements and may require an additional application form. These programs and their admissions policies/requirements are listed below.

More Forms