Change of Schedule or Withdraw

Students should set up their program of studies and schedule with extreme care and exert every effort to keep that schedule. All schedule changes must be cleared through the Registrar’s Office or Center Dean’s Office and the student’s faculty advisor. Regulations concerning a change of schedule are:

Adding a course
A new course cannot be added after the end of the second week following registration.

Dropping a course
A new course cannot be dropped after the end of the second week following registration.

Withdrawing from a class 
A student may withdraw from a class passing or failing through the ninth week of school. (For exact date, see the Academic calendar. After the ninth week, the student must be passing the course to withdraw from that course. If the student carries out the entire class withdrawal procedure correctly, he/she will receive a grade of “W” for that course.)

 Procedures for Adding a Course or Withdrawing from a course

  1. Pick up proper form in the Student Development Center in Tate Hall.
  2. The student must obtain the signature of his/her instructor
  3. Submit completed form to Student Development Center or Center Dean’s Office

Procedures for Withdrawing from all Classes
A student who finds it necessary to withdraw from school for any reason should do so properly. The proper withdrawal procedure is as follows:

Students are to pick up the withdrawal form from the Student Development Center on the Senatobia campus or the Academic or Career-Technical counselor’s office at the Centers, where the student will be instructed as to the proper withdrawal procedure.

A student who properly and officially withdraws will receive a grade of “W” (official withdrawal) in all classes. Withdrawal must be made prior to exam week. An unofficial withdrawal is attributed to a student who leaves Northwest without going through the published withdrawal procedures.