Change of Schedule or Withdraw

Students should set up their program of studies and schedule with extreme care and exert every effort to keep that schedule. (All schedule changes must be cleared through the Office of Admissions and Records or Center Dean’s Office and the student’s faculty advisor.) Regulations concerning a change of schedule are:

Adding a course
A new course cannot be added after the end of late registration.

Dropping a course
A new course cannot be dropped after the end of late registration. After late registration, the student must use the withdrawal process to withdraw from a course.

Withdrawing from a class 
A student may withdraw from a class passing or failing through the ninth week of school. This does not apply to courses with”F” based on attendance policy.

(For exact date, see the Academic calendar. After the 13th week, the student must be passing the course to withdraw from that course. If the student carries out the entire class withdrawal procedure correctly, he/she will receive a grade of “W” for that course.)

Procedure for Withdrawing from a course
Pick up proper form in the Student Development Center in Tate Hall (Senatobia campus) or Center Dean’s Office.


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