Online Registration Instructions

 Please read these instructions BEFORE you attempt to register online, via myNWCC.

  How to Log In:

  1. Northwest homepage
  2. Click “myNWCC” in the icon bar in the middle of the page
  3. Click Login
  4. Enter User ID (your Northwest Student ID# – do not enter leading zeros )
  5. Enter PIN: Your 6-digit birthdate if logging into myNWCC for the first time or the PIN you setup earlier.
  6. Click Login

 View your Test Scores:

Under ‘Student Information Center’, click on ‘Student Records’, then ‘View My Test Scores’.

Any test scores that have been sent to Northwest will be shown, check the box next to ‘ACT’ and click on Submit.

The following is an example of the screen that will appear showing your scores:


Based on these scores, you may be placed in some courses that must be taken before advancing to the core curriculum for your pathway.  Examples are highlighted on the following Degree Plan example.

View your Degree Plan:

Under ‘Student Information Center’, click on ‘Student Records’, then ‘Degree Plan’.  This page will display courses that are in your Pathway.  These are the courses that you will need to enroll in while at Northwest based on the program selected on your application.  The degree for Academic students is separated into course requirements by semester within the Plan Area.  Options for fulfilling these requirements may be listed in a group, any subject or elective area listed that is underlined has a group.  Click on the underlined subject or elective area to view the group. It is recommended that you register for 15 credit hours.  Included in those hours should be an English, Math, History, Natural Science and Social Science.

** If the Pathway/Plan shown is not your desired Pathway, please email ‘’ to request that it be changed to the Pathway of your choice.



Under ‘Student Information Center’, click on ‘Scheduling’ then ‘Registration’. The following screen will be displayed.  If you would like to register for summer classes, choose SUMMER 2020 in the dropdown menu for the term.

Enter the course you would like to register for as shown in the example below and click on ‘Add Selected Course’.  You may also search for a course by clicking on ‘Select Course’.

If the course is not in your degree plan for your major, a warning message will be displayed. You may click ‘Continue’ to clear the message and add the class.  However, please keep in mind that Financial Aid will not pay for courses that are not in your degree plan. Other messages may appear based on pre-requisites or co-requisites required, or if the course section you have entered is full and will prevent you from adding the course.

After adding your first course a screen will appear displaying the courses you have selected, as shown in the example below. This is just an example.  Repeat for each course until you are done.

When done, click on ‘I’m Done Adding Courses’.  Your schedule and fees generated will be displayed.  If any of your courses include an electronic textbook (eBook), those charges will be included in the Registration Charges shown.  To print, click on the Print tab to the top right.  Click ‘Save My Schedule’. You can log back in to myNWCC and choose the Registration option to change your schedule if there is a need to on or before you complete your financial obligation to the college/complete your registration.  You can log back in to complete your registration under ‘Student Information Center’, click on ‘Scheduling’ then ‘Complete Registration’ during the published time periods in the Academic Calendar on the Northwest website.

Log Out:
When done, click the Log Out button at the top right of the screen.

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