Respiratory Therapy

The deadline for submitting applications to the program has been changed from May 1st to June 1st, 2020.

Respiratory Therapists 
Respiratory Therapists are primarily responsible for initiating cardiopulmonary resuscitation along with the setup and monitoring of life support systems. Respiratory Therapists also provide treatment for heart and lung disorders by administering breathing treatments, medications and oxygen.  In addition the Respiratory Therapists perform diagnostic procedures such as arterial blood gas analysis, electrocardiograms, pulmonary function testing and sleep studies.

Upon completion of the second year, students will be awarded an Associate in Applied Science. Graduates are then eligible to take the NBRC Therapist Multiple Choice (TMC) exam and the Clinical Simulation Exam (CSE) in order to earn their Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) credential.

The Respiratory Care Technology program at Northwest Mississippi Community College DeSoto Center, 5197 WE Ross Parkway, Southaven, MS 38671, 200115, Associate of Science degree, is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC).
CoARC may be contacted at the following website:
Student/graduate outcomes for all programs can be found by clicking below:
Date of last CoARC on-site visit: September, 2010.

Contact Information

Program Director - Debra Lenox | 662-280-6151 |
Director of Clinical Education - Tessa McMinn | 662-280-6155 |

  1.  Complete the prerequisite courses- Anatomy and Physiology I and II with a "C" or better before entering the program. These may be taken during the summer prior to August entrance date. However, the application packet is still due by June 1. Applications between June 1st and the August semester may be considered if the class is not full.
  2.  Observe a Respiratory Therapy department and the day to day activities of a therapist. Type a synopsis of the day to complete the Observation Log.
  3.  Before June 1 send the following information to: Northwest Mississippi Community College DeSoto Center Respiratory Therapy Program ATTN: Debra Lenox 5197 W.E. Ross Parkway Southaven, MS 38671
    1. Respiratory Therapy Program Application Form. This is an online form - click here to complete it.
    2. ACT composite score of 18 or higher (*see below) (copy).
    3. Respiratory department observation log. Click here for a blank of this form to print and complete.
    4. Typed one page paper explaining your desire to be a Respiratory Therapist and what qualities would make you a good candidate for this program
  4. Send the following information to the Senatobia Campus:
    1. Northwest Mississippi Community College Application for Admission.
    2. Official ACT score.
    3. Official high school transcript.
    4. Official college transcript(s) if applicable.
Applicants with a bachelor's degree or greater may waive the ACT score if they have a GPA of 3.25 or better on the academic courses required in the curriculum and have taken their science courses within the last five years. The ACT score is required for entry into the Respiratory program for students of every age and background regardless of previous college experience. Please see the * paragraph above for the only exception. If you have ever taken the exam you should contact the counselors for an application. If you have taken the exam and are not sure of your score, you should contact your high school. Admission to the program is on a competitive basis. Meeting minimum admission standards does not guarantee admission into the program. Sciences older than five years will have to be repeated.
Admission to the program is on a competitive basis.  Meeting minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission into the program. Minimum admission requirements include:
  1. ACT composite score of 18,
  2. Completion of the prerequisites courses Anatomy and Physiology I and II with labs. A grade of "C" or better must be achieved and a college GPA of 2.0 or better,
  3. Completion of the application process by the deadline,
  4.  Four hours of observation of a Respiratory Therapist and completion of the Observation Log,
  5. The ability to pass a drug screen and a background check prior to clinical rotations.
  6. Respiratory Therapy Program Application Form. This is an online form - click here to complete it.
Admission and Selection Process
Applicants to the Respiratory Care Program who meet the admission criteria and have submitted the required paperwork before the deadline will be considered for admission. Those applicants who achieve the highest rankings will be notified by an acceptance letter or by email.

Application Deadline
  • June 1st is the deadline for application
  • All Observation Logs must be completed before June 1st.
Prerequisites Not Met
Applicants may take prerequisite courses  during the summer following the application deadline. All other admission requirements must be turned in before the June 1st deadline.
For a PDF version of this information please click here.

BIO 2513 Anatomy & Physiology I BIO 2511 Anatomy & Physiology I lab
BIO 2523 Anatomy & Physiology II BIO 2521 Anatomy & Physiology II lab
MAT 1313 College Algebra 3 hours ENG 1113 English Comp I 3 hours
RCT 1313 Cardiopulmonary A&P 3 hours SPT 1113 Public Speaking I 3 hours
RCT 1223 Patient Assessment and Planning 3 hours RCT 1516 Clinical Practice I 6 hours
RCT 1214 Respiratory Care Science 4 hours RCT 1415 Respiratory Care Tech I 5 hours
RCT 1613 Respiratory Pharmacology 3 hours
Humanities/Fine Arts 3 hours
                                                                              Total 19 hours                                                                Total 17 hours
summer term
RCT 1424 Respiratory Care Tech II 4 hours RCT 1523 Clinical Practice II 3 hours
RCT 1322 Pulmonary Function testing 2 hours
          Total 6 hours                                                                 Total 3 hours
BIO 2923 Microbiology 3 hours Basic Computer Skills Elective 3 hours
BIO 2921 Microbiology Lab 1 hour RCT 2712 Respiratory Care Seminar 2 hours
RCT 2613 Neonatal/Pediatrics 3 hours RCT 2333 Cardiopulmonary Pathology 3 hours
RCT 2434 Respiratory Care Tech III 4 hours RCT 2546 Clinical Practice IV 6 hours
RCT 2534 Clinical Practice III 4 hours Behavioral/Social Science Elective 3 hours
                                                                             Total 15 hours                                                                    Total 17 hours

The department of Respiratory Care strives to provide every student with a quality education leading towards successful career opportunities while providing the hospitals with competent reliable employees. We stress the importance of working as a team to provide the best patient care balanced with a humanistic approach to student and patient needs. The general education and respiratory care curriculum are structured in accordance with the expectations of the professional community, the national credentialing board and the national accrediting agencies. Coordination between classroom, laboratory, and clinical instruction of the program is used to insure competency in all areas of study.

The program standards are reviewed by the Committee on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC). Advisory committee input, community needs, NBRC entry level examination results, advanced practitioner exam results, NWCC policies, hospital and adjunct faculty evaluations and expectations as well as the medical director’s observations are also used to evaluate the program’s ongoing progress toward it’s goal. MORE... Open Student Manual (PDF format)
Ensure Your Clinical Preceptor Program Meets Today’s Standards
This AARC course has everything you need as a Respiratory Care Preceptor or  Educator to provide standardized training to your Respiratory Care students.
Here is a link for you to follow to sign into the clinical pep section of the education.  There you will find videos and literature that allows you to complete required CoArc education.
Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the Director of Clinical Education at Northwest MS Community College. Thank you.
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