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SkillsUSA Winners 2015
SkillsUSA Winners 2015

Student Clubs / Organizations

All students are encouraged to participate in student organizations on campus. Many opportunities in various areas of interest are represented. Below is a listing of active student organizations. For more information, contact the Student Services Office or Center Dean’s office.


Alpha Delta Nu – Nursing Honor Society

  • Campus – Senatobia
  • Description – Alpha Delta Nu Nursing Honor Society recognizes the academic excellence of students in the study of Associate Degree Nursing. The society encourages the pursuit of advanced degrees in the profession of nursing as well as continuing education as a life-long professional responsibility.
  • Additionally, the society participates in the recruitment of qualified individuals into the profession of nursing.
  • Advisers
    • Charisse Reed, office ext. #4219; Pam Briscoe, office ext. #3294;
    • Mandy Deshotels, office ext. #3286
  • Student Leader – Lauren Hampton,

Autism Support Club

  • Campus – DeSoto/Southaven
  • Description – Autism Support Club provides connections for people affected by autism with others affected by autism.  This open forum/support group will allow those with autism, parents of children with autism, teachers and instructors of students with autism, and friends and family of people with autism; to connect, share, support, and guide each other through the challenges associated with this issue.  The Autism Support Club is a collaboration between Northwest Mississippi Community College (NWCC) DeSoto Center and The University of Mississippi DeSoto Center.
  • Advisers –
    • Rebecca Allen (NWCC), office ext. 6131
    • Kacy Dixon (Ole Miss)
  • Student Leader –

Cosmetology Club

  • Campus – Lafayette/Yalobusha; Senatobia
  • Description – Membership is limited to Northwest cosmetology students. It strives to build good will for the students, the college, and the profession as it develops talents.
  • (Lafayette/Yalobusha Campus)
    • Adviser – Lafayette/Yalobusha – Heidi Riley, office ext. 662-238-7954;
    • Student Leader – TBD
  • (Senatobia Campus)


  • Campus – DeSoto/Southaven
  • Description – Collegiate DECA develops future leaders in marketing and distribution.  It serves to develop a respect for education in marketing and distribution which will contribute to occupational competence, and to promote an understanding and an appreciation for the responsibilities of citizenship in our free, competitive enterprise system. Club members have the opportunity to work with local business establishments, the
  • Chamber of Commerce, and other free enterprise organizations on projects and local marketing studies. Students also have a chance to compete on state and national levels in events centered around leadership and marketing skills. Enrollment is limited to Marketing Management Technology students and Hotel and Restaurant Management Technology Students.
  • Advisers – Deborah Thompson, office ext. #6133; Audrie McCann, office ext. #6132
  • Student Leader – Joseph Jenkins,

Early Childhood Education Technology Club

  • Campus – Senatobia
  • Description – Early Childhood Education Technology Club is composed of  Early Childhood Education Technology majors and other educators who are  interested in child development.
  • Adviser – Judy Barham, office ext. #3342; Anne Marie Ross, office ext. #3392
  • Student Leader – TBD

Faith Connection Club

  • Campus – Desoto Center
  • Description – The purpose of the Faith Connection Club is to create a welcoming environment for students to openly discuss their thoughts on spirituality and to promote spiritual growth for club participants.
  • Adviser – Rev. Dr. Linda Parham, office #662-996-1938.
  • Student Leader – Wyndham “Shea” Sutton,

Gamma Beta Phi National Honor Society

  • Campus – Lafayette/Yalobusha
  • Description – Gamma Beta Phi Society is a scholastic, honor, educational-service organization that recognizes and encourages excellence in education. It promotes the development of leadership ability and character in the members; and fosters, disseminates, and improves education by appropriate service projects through membership in a national association of local chapters of the Society. Northwest requires, and members must maintain, a 3.00 grade point average for initiation and membership.
  • Advisers – Carol Cleveland, office ext. #8153; Julie Stokes office ext. #8650
  • Student Leader – Emily Scott,

Graphic Design Club

  • Campus – Senatobia
  • Description – Membership is limited to students in the Graphic Design Career/Technical Program.  Its purpose is to broaden the social and cultural outlook of students.
  • Adviser – L. Philly, ext. #3442
  • Student Leader – Sherry Hopper,


Health Professions Club

  • Campus –DeSoto/Southaven; Lafayette/Yalobusha; Senatobia
  • Description – The Health Professions Club at Northwest Mississippi Community College is a club within the Natural Science department.  It is represented by the Senatobia, DeSoto/Southaven, and Oxford campuses.  Its goal is to invite outside professional academic and business personnel to help give advice to our students on current opportunities in the healthcare field.
  • (Senatobia)
  • Adviser – Lindsay Massie, office ext. #3407
  • Student Leader – (TBD)


Les Fauves Art Club

  • Campus – Senatobia
  • Description – Les Fauves functions to promote art in the area.  Among the projects of the club are art exhibits, art sales, and campus beautification.  Anyone who is taking at least one course in the Art Department is eligible for membership.
  • Adviser – Ashley Chavis, office ext. #3405
  • Student Leader – TBA


Mu Alpha Theta

  • Campus – Senatobia
  • Description – Mu Alpha Theta is a national high school and two-year college mathematics honor society dedicated to inspiring interest in mathematics, developing strong scholarship in the subject, and promoting the enjoyment of mathematics in high school and two-year college students.
  • Advisers – Marcus Perkins, office ext. #3454; Kristy Waldrop, office ext. #5269
  • Student Leader – TBA

Northwest Education Association

  • Campus – Senatobia
  • Description – Northwest Education Association is an organization through which young people can become knowledgeable of opportunities available through a career in education. It is a way to enhance and facilitate school and college university relationships. The club shall promote a positive  image of education to students, parents, and the community and shall  disseminate information about the teaching profession.
  • Advisers – Teri Hawkins, 662-560-1134; Lela Stennett, office ext. #3903
  • Student Leader – Samantha Lawrence,

Novel Bunch / DeSoto Book Club

  • Campus – DeSoto
  • Description – The purpose of the Novel Bunch/Book Club is to cultivate readers and encourage reading among students on campus and to have a positive impact on student success and student quality of life.
  • Adviser – Courtney Hicks
  • Student Leader – Jamie Edwards,

Phi Beta Lambda

  • Campus – Lafayette/Yalobusha (Inactive 2018/2019 due to lack of student interest)
  • Description – Phi Beta Lambda is a national business organization. The Northwest chapters are devoted to training tomorrow’s business leaders by preparing students to meet the demands of business and industry. During the year, local chapter members have the opportunity to attend the state, regional, and national leadership conferences. At the state conference, which is held each spring, Northwest students compete with students from colleges and universities throughout the state in events related to business subjects.  Students who are first place winners at the state level go on to  represent their schools at the Phi Beta Lambda National Leadership Conference. For the last several years Northwest has had representatives at this conference.
  • Adviser – Lisa Barber, office ext. #7943
  • Student Leader –TBA


Phi Theta Kappa

  • Campus – DeSoto/Southaven, Lafayette/Yalobusha, Senatobia
  • Description – Phi Theta Kappa is an international scholastic and Leadership honor society for two-year colleges. Students who are working toward the A.A. or A.A.S. degrees are eligible for membership.  Alpha Gamma Chi, Beta Eta Theta, and Theta Sigma are the chapters at Northwest requiring a 3.50 grade point average for initiation and membership.  Members are eligible for scholarships at universities throughout the nation.
  • (DeSoto Campus) Alpha Gamma Chi Chapter
    • Adviser – Patsy Gardner, office ext. #6193
    • Student Leader – TBA
  • (Lafayette/Yalobusha Campus) Beta Eta Theta Chapter
    • Advisers – Elizabeth Harvey, office ext. #3101; Matt Johnson, office ext. #3104
    • Student Leader – Josh Woods,
  • (Senatobia Campus) Theta Sigma Chapter
    • Adviser – Bonnie Griffis, office ext. #3265; Kristin Watson, office ext. #1136
    • Student Leader – Sarah Holmes,

Players Club

  • Campus – Senatobia
  • Description – Northwest Players Club is an organization through which individuals strive to generate interest in theatre in the Northwest area. It provides opportunities which help develop dramatic talents. Membership is open to all students who are interested in theatre.
  • Advisers – Sadie Shannon, office ext. #3329; Alyssa Algee, office ext. #3332
  • Student Leader – Jon Tackett,


Practical Nursing Club

  • Campus – DeSoto/Southaven, Lafayette/Yalobusha, Senatobia
  • Description –The Practical Nursing Club promotes fellowship among Students and learning in the field of practical nursing.
  • (DeSoto Campus)
    • Adviser – Paula Geeter, office ext. #6128
    • Student Leader -TBA
  • (Lafayette/Yalobusha Campus)
    • Advisers –Tracy Shawn, office ext. #1045; Lauren Murphree, office ext. #7949
    • Student Leader –TBA
  • (Senatobia Campus)
    • Advisers –  TBA
    • Student Leader – TBA


Ranger Book Club

  • Campus – Senatobia
  • Description – The Ranger Book Club is open to all Northwest students. The organization allows students to gather outside the classroom environment to share their love of books or to find a love of books and reading.
  • Adviser – Victoria Penny, office ext. #3278
  • Student Leader – TBA


Respiratory Care Society

  • Campus – Desoto/Southaven
  • Description – The respiratory Care Society is an organization of Respiratory Therapy Program students. The club provides the opportunity to represent the school at various respiratory competitions and conferences as well as serve the community through special events.
  • Adviser – Debra Lenox, office ext. #6151
  • Student Leader – (to be determined)

Sigma Phi Sigma

  • Campus – Desoto/Southaven
  • Description – Sigma Phi Sigma is an organization open to students who are enrolled in the Funeral Service curriculum.  Its purposes are to promote professionalism in funeral service, to promote further knowledge of funeral service, and to promote brotherhood, fellowship, and cooperation among funeral service majors.
  • Adviser – Angela Hopper, office ext. #6136
  • Student Leader – Brandon Berry,

Skills USA (VICA)

  • Campuses – Desoto/Southaven; Lafayette/Yalobusha; Senatobia
  • Description – Skills USA aims to develop progressive leadership in the field of trade, industrial, and health occupations education that is competent, aggressive, self-reliant, and cooperative.  The membership is open to all career and technical students.
  • (Desoto Campus)
    • Adviser – TBA
    • Student Leader – TBA
  • (Lafayette Campus)
    • Adviser:  Tracy Shawn, office ext. #1045
    • Student Leader – TBA
  • (Senatobia Campus)
    • Adviser – Robin Douglas, office ext. #3233
    • Student Leader –TBA


Student Gamers Association

  • Campus – Senatobia
  • Description – The Student Gamers Association is designed to bring Northwest Mississippi Community College students together through a shared interest in video games.
  • Adviser – Maya Berry, office ext. #4204
  • Student Leader – TBA


Student Nurses Association

  • Campus – Senatobia
  • Description – The Student Nurses Association proposes to aid in developing individual nursing students as future health professionals and to promote nursing as a profession.
  • Advisers – Monica Williams, office ext. #3289; Stacy Taylor, office ext. #3982
  • Student Leader – TBD


Surgical Technology Club

  • Campus – Layfayette/Yalobusha
  • Description – The Surgical Technology Club is open to students interested in the field of surgical technology. The club sponsors speakers, field trips, and fundraisers.
  • Adviser – Cathy Wilburn, office 662-281-1912
  • Student Leader – Peyton Johnson,


Fine Arts Organizations

  • Northwest Wind Ensemble/Symphonic Winds
  • Northwest Entertainers
  • Northwest Jazz Band
  • Northwest Steel Band
  • Northwest Rangerettes
  • Northwest Singers
  • Ranger Marching Band
  • Speech and Theatre Productions

Student Governing Organization

Student Government Association, Tara Dunn, office ext. #3939

Student Publications

Rocketeer (yearbook)

Student Recruiters

Kim Perkins, office ext. #3222

Religious Opportunities

Northwest Mississippi Community College is a state-supported institution and is therefore nonsectarian. However, the student at Northwest is encouraged to develop spiritually through the religious opportunities provided both in the community and on campus. College students are invited to attend and take part in the activities of the local churches. These churches extend a cordial welcome to each student and to faculty members, many of whom take an active part in the church organizations of Senatobia and the larger community.

Students are also invited to participate in the activities of one or more of the following campus religious organizations.

  • Baptist Student Union – Tom McLaughlin
  • Catholic Student Association – Lajuan Tallo, office 560-5283
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes – TBA
  • Rangers for Christ – Abby Embrey, office ext. #3223
  • Wesley Foundation – Jeff Tripplett, office ext. #3922
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