Course schedule for spring enrollment Oxford campus 


First Semester -Spring                                                Semester Hours

PNV 1213 Body Structure and Function                      3

PNV 1426 Fundamentals of Nursing                            6

PNV 1437 Fundamentals of Nursing/clinical               7

Total                                                                            16


Second Semester-Summer                                          Semester Hours

PNV1714 Maternal-Child Nursing- 4

PNV1814 Mental Health Nursing-4

PNV 1524 IV Therapy& Pharmacology- 4

Total – 12


Third Semester-Fall                                                   Semester Hours

PNV 1614 Medical/Surgical Nursing-4

PNV1622 Medical/Surgical Nursing/clinical-2

PNV1634 Alterations in Adult Health-4

PNV 1642 Alterations in Adult Health/clinical- 2

PNV 1914 Nursing Transition- 4




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